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Thoughts on how to support readers

Julia Graeper September 21st, 2017

Here's what you need to bookmark for your evening reading from my favorite blog, Reader Leader. (Click on each title below to follow the link.)

Career Corner: A September Roundup of Scholastic Jobs

Julia Graeper September 11th, 2017

This month we're highlighting Scholastic’s Technology Associate Program, designed to identify, train, and promote the next generation of leaders. 

Scholastic to Publish Harry Potter: A Journey Through a History of Magic

Julia Graeper September 6th, 2017

Scholastic announced today that Harry Potter: A Journey Through a History of Magic will be published in October 2017! The book will be a...

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How and why to make books with your little reader

Julia Graeper August 23rd, 2017

We do a lot of storytelling in my house, and find ways to bring reading into our everyday lives outside of bedtime read-alouds.

That feeling when you get obsessed with a new (to you!) author

Julia Graeper August 16th, 2017

 I am now in the midst of my very favorite kind of reading.

Career Corner: An August Roundup of Scholastic Jobs

Julia Graeper August 15th, 2017

Don't forget! The Scholastic Talent Network is free and easy to join, and doing so will enhance your job search and application process.

Career Corner: A July Roundup of Scholastic Jobs

Julia Graeper July 20th, 2017

This month, Scholastic has some new job postings highlighted as part of our regular "Career Corner" series. Perhaps you'd be the right fit for one!

When you really, really love your child's teachers

Julia Graeper July 13th, 2017

At Scholastic, we love teachers. That particular value has been instilled in me since even before I became a parent.

Clemson gets kids reading this summer with Tigers Read!

Julia Graeper June 20th, 2017

Clemson University, the South Carolina Department of Education and Coach Dabo Swinney's All In Team Foundation teamed up with Scholastic for Tigers Read!

Using storytelling to get ready for Kindergarten

Julia Graeper June 16th, 2017

Every day, she requests a story with roughly the same structure: one of her stuffed animals is going to school for the first time, or is going to a new school.