Reflections of a Scholastic parent

Julia Graeper  //  Jul 18, 2018

Reflections of a Scholastic parent

This coming Friday is my last day at Scholastic, which is bittersweet, to say the very least. One of my favorite long-term projects here has been chronicling my life as a parent, raising my daughter around books. I started writing about this on OOM when she was still a baby, and now she is getting ready to enter first grade, and she can read (one startling revelation is that everything happens a year earlier than when I was growing up).

Below are a few of my favorite posts about books, reading and parenting:

The dark side of raising a literate toddler

If only I could tell my 2015 self that managing the storage of my daughter's books was only going to get a lot more difficult.

Raising a literate child: get grandparents involved!

We involved all four of my daughters grandparents in her reading life (and still do).

That time my daughter asked me to teach her to read

This moment was so special because I knew it meant she was thinking, I can do this.

Using picture books to help with parenting challenges

Thank goodness for Llama Llama books. 

"If it's a book I won't be happy"

How I handled it when my daughter hoped she wouldn't recieve a book as a gift.

Unexpected literacy moment: at the doctor's office!

When my daughter got glasses and an eye patch, our ophthamologist gave us a book about it!

Managing pre-K nerves

Using books and stories to help with big transitions.

My new way of thinking about what to read aloud

Reading happens in unexpected places.

How and why to make books with your little reader

From reading books to making books!

Major milestone: my daughter can read

I am still not used to this, and it's so exciting!