Three don't-miss posts from EDU, our education blog

Julia Graeper  //  May 1, 2018

Three don't-miss posts from EDU, our education blog

Have you ever wondered about the term authentic text, or exactly what guided reading is, or how to help kids make the most of summer reading?

If so, these three don't-miss posts from EDU, our education blog, can help:

All Children Deserve Access to Authentic Text (Lois Bridges)

"What do we mean by authentic text? Authentic text is real, living language written to engage readers and draw them in; it may entertain, inform, or persuade. It invites active reading, robust problem-solving, and deep analysis because it comprises conceptually rich, compelling ideas and language from life." 

What is Guided Reading? (James Cannon)

"It’s not unusual to hear the term guided reading used to describe small-group instruction. But does that term mean the same thing to everyone? Some teachers, any time they meet and read with small groups, call it guided reading regardless of the text they use, or the instructional focus of the lesson. At Scholastic, we believe that teaching reading in small groups is just one part of the instructional practice known as guided reading."

Empowering Students and Families to Address Summer Reading Loss in Greenville, SC and Stoughton, MA (Dr. Andrea A. Rizzo)

"The findings from both Greenville and Stoughton, described below, reveal that when children and their families have the resources they need to read all summer long, we see increased volume of reading and confidence in students, overwhelmingly positive sentiments from families, and fewer students experiencing a loss of skills while school was out."