Beatrix Potter: Books for your little troublemaker

Michael Barrett  July 28th, 2015 

When I was a child, my mother did not know what to do with my endless energy. Every time she turned around, I was getting into some kind of mischief. Whether it was hiding...

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7 questions for Adrift author Paul Griffin

Megan Kaesshaefer  July 28th, 2015 

We excited to welcome author Paul Griffin to the blog today for a Q&A! Read on to learn more about his writing process, his childhood spent reading, and the story...

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Summer Science: Our editors share their picks for science books that sizzle

Kristen Joerger  July 23rd, 2015 

Is your child a budding scientist or aspiring engineer? Button up those lab coats and put on your safety goggles, it’s time for a science-themed Facebook chat! Join us on...

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Down the rabbit hole: Katniss braid edition

Deimosa Webber-Bey  July 22nd, 2015 

Welcome back to the new OOM series we’re calling “Down the Rabbit Hole”! Has this ever happened to you: you’re browsing the internet, reading up on something specific, and...

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Permission to explore: A "My Bookprint" post

Guest Blogger  July 21st, 2015 

Megan Magruder is a rising junior at Dickinson College, double-majoring in Political Science (with a Concentration in Security Studies) and Psychology...

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From our magazine editors: new nonfiction skill books and a magazine!

Kristen Joerger  July 21st, 2015 

Here at Scholastic, we spend a lot of time talking to teachers about their needs in the classroom. They often tell us that they want engaging materials that fit into their...

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Raising a literate child: get grandparents involved!

Julia Graeper  July 21st, 2015 

Fellow parents, I have to tell you: I’ve started outsourcing my toddler daughter’s literacy development. I’m a busy mom, and I needed help!

This summer, why not try something new?

Guest Blogger  July 20th, 2015 

Summer was always my favorite time of year growing up. There was no homework, no bedtime, and best of all, there was plenty of free time. It was also the time of year...

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12 weeks, 8 stories, & 156 million summer reading minutes

Megan Kaesshaefer  July 20th, 2015 

It's been 12 weeks since the 2015 Summer Reading Challenge began! It's time to check in on how the program is doing and see what's on the horizon in the coming weeks....

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What educators said at ILA 2015

Morgan Baden  July 20th, 2015 

The International Literacy Association held their annual conference in St. Louis over the weekend; educators and literacy drivers gathered to be inspired and energized...

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In Our Feeds: Parbunkells, why writers should read Go Set a Watchman, and "This Is Just To Say"

Gina Asprocolas  July 17th, 2015 

Every Friday, we share a handful of links that we found funny, provocative or just plain cool. We call it In Our Feeds. Have a great weekend!

Throwback bookday - Bananas

Deimosa Webber-Bey  July 16th, 2015 

Working in the Scholastic archive, we sometimes discover materials in the stacks that take us on a walk down memory lane. Today that material is... issue #1 of...

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Scholastic Book Fairs #readingsummit recap

Michael Barrett  July 16th, 2015 

This past Tuesday, educators and administrators gathered in Norwood, MA (just outside of Boston) for one of the many Scholastic Book Fairs’ Reading Summits...

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Book-to-movie adaptations: yea, nay, or somewhere in between?

Julia Graeper  July 16th, 2015 

So. Are you excited to see Mockingjay Part 2 in November? There’s been a lot of buzz since the second trailer was released on social media last week. Personally,...

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10 techniques to keep kids reading

Guest Blogger  July 16th, 2015 

I confess. I didn’t always enjoy reading. In fact, until my mid-teens, I loathed the notion of (gasp) reading for fun. 

Linda Alston: Love and Literacy

Megan Kaesshaefer  July 15th, 2015 

Linda Alston, a peer teacher evaluator for Denver Public Schools, is also a master teacher of young children. She has won the Milken National Educator Award...

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Is your child reading ready? (Plus a giveaway!)

Guest Blogger  July 14th, 2015 

Colleen Prendergast from our Trade Publishing group joins us today on the blog to talk about tips for getting your child reading ready and an exciting...

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5-word book reviews

Morgan Baden  July 14th, 2015 

It's the middle of summer, which is prime reading season (at least for me). I asked the other OOMers what they've read recently and if they could review the book in five...

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Let's all read about Pluto!

Morgan Baden  July 14th, 2015 

Who can forget that fateful day in 2006 when Pluto was downgraded from a planet to dwarf planet?

Raina Telgemeier wins an Eisner Award (and reveals teaser art for her next book!)

Gina Asprocolas  July 13th, 2015 

Big news out of San Diego! On Friday, Raina Telgemeier – author/artist of four New York Times bestsellers – won the 2015 Eisner Award for...

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Summer Reading Challenge update: 150 million minutes

Megan Kaesshaefer  July 13th, 2015 

We're 11 weeks into the 2015 Summer Reading Challenge and kids are so close to crossing a major milestone: logging 150 million minutes! From New...

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198 years of Thoreau

Guest Blogger  July 13th, 2015 

Yesterday, July 12, was a special day: it was Henry David Thoreau’s birthday!

Dispatch from ALA 2015

Deimosa Webber-Bey  July 10th, 2015 

I am a better librarian than I was yesterday. Was it the cataloging quandary that led me to reading a chapter of...

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#Graphix10 announcement! Introducing DREAM JUMPER

Guest Blogger  July 10th, 2015 

Last night Scholastic celebrated the 10th anniversary of Graphix, our graphic novel imprint, at San Diego Comic Con...and made a big announcement!

Read this now: The Survival Guide to Bullying

Morgan Baden  July 9th, 2015 
"What are you going to do about it?" 

That's the question Aija Mayrock's mother asked her one day when she was 16 years old and in tears after learning about a fellow...

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