What was YOUR favorite Harry Potter moment of the year? A magical giveaway

Morgan Baden  //  Dec 16, 2016

What was YOUR favorite Harry Potter moment of the year? A magical giveaway

Our week of Harry Potter magic is coming to a close, and we hope you've had as magical a year as we have. Now, after looking back on our favorite Harry moments of 2016, we've got an amazing prize pack to offer one lucky Harry Potter fan! 

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GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite Harry Potter moment of 2016 was! One (1) lucky winner will win a prize pack consisting of the titles listed above. Please note: the prize pack will not be fulfilled until December 27, 2016. ***DEADLINE EXTENDED*** Giveaway open until 08:59am ET on Thursday, December 22, 2016. Open to legal U.S. residents, 18 and above only. Find the complete legal rules here

Good luck, readers. 


My favorite moment would have

My favorite moment would have to be when my daughter had a Harry Potter themed Birthday party. We had cupcakes filled with different colored m&ms to represent the different houses of Hogwarts. Each kid got a wand that my sister made. We made Harry Potter decorations like balloons with Hedwig drawn on them. We had poly juice punch. We created a photo op out of poster board that looked like a frame and said prisoner of Azkaban. We made butter beer too and played a ping pong like version of quidditch.

My favorite moment would have

My favorite moment would have to be finally getting my copy of The Cursed Child.. I wad sooo heartbroken when harry potter ended. So when the announcement for cursed child came out i was too excited!! Finished my copy the week i got it!?

I think my favorite time of

I think my favorite time of the year was when o got the full set of Harry Potter. Growing up as a child I didn't get my own things; coming from three older siblings I was given a lot of hand-me-down things so when I actually bought the Harry Potter series I was beyong happy. The world of Harry Potter really helped me become who I am today and made me want to fulfill my dream as a writer. I embraces he Harry Potter and and all the wizarding worlds that come along with it. I am greatful to JK Rowling and her magic that brought the Wizarding World to life. I want to be like her and being happiness to the oncoming generations. I would love these books.

J.K.'s position on social

J.K.'s position on social injustice & equality was unexpected, but very well necessary! I absolutely love when an author goes outside of perceived conditions to speak from their political voice, whether it's good or bad. The Cursed Child was most memorable, but her political was phenomenal for 2016. Good news: J.K. is writing more books! Hoorah, hoorah! :)

Where should I begin , 2016

Where should I begin , 2016 was awesome for Harry Potter items. I bought all the adult coloring books those are my favorite !!!!! I haven't gotten to buy a copy of the cursed child yet or fantastic beasts. Oh how I would love to win a copy. Thank you for the chance to be able to win copies of the most amazing books of 2016.

When J.K Rowling defended the

When J.K Rowling defended the black actress the plays Hermioni in London (along with posting a description of the character and saying she is both visually a match and a great performer for the roll) Definitely that. Second place (just bc I am not sure when that was) is when she defended Dumbledore being gay (by answering that gay people look the same as anyone else).

Because of a friend, I

Because of a friend, I finally started reading the Harry Potter books myself this year. Instead of reading them just to myself, I read them with my kids. I have so many favorite moments, but by far, one of the greatest is while reading aloud, my seven year old told me pieces of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire before I read them. She's reading it on her own at school. It takes us a while to get through these books, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. The memories we're making are priceless. At some points, I've been known to just break down and cry while reading aloud because the books really hit home for someone who's lost at least one parent. These moments turn into discussions and hugs while we read.
When the books started coming out, I worked in a bookstore and hated them for all the craziness. I tried reading them then, but couldn't get into them. I think I just needed them in my life now, after my dad passed and with my kids.

Hello. I'm a huge harry

Hello. I'm a huge harry potter fan! My favorite part of Harry Potter this year was the cursed child. I just finished reading it! My favorite part of j.k Rowlings books are how real they feel. Everytime I've read a book from the series... I live it, breath it, think it.. even sleep it! I couldn't put the book down but was so sad when it was done. My favorite character in this book was albus. The writer(s) put so much thought into making him exactly like harry/but the exact opposite at the same time. I hope there will be a movie/play made from this book as well. I'd love to add these wonderful books to my collection!

My favorite Harry Potter

My favorite Harry Potter moment 2016 was my 9 yr. old son start reading the Harry Potter book and he joined the Oregon Battle Of Books (OBOB) and picked Harry Potter book to read and study for the competition. I'm so proud and excited for him for the coming OBOB which is going to be next month.

My favorite Harry Potter

My favorite Harry Potter moment of this year was having my son discover the books for the first time. These characters have helped him to want to read more and he loves doing so now. The doors these books open for millions of people and children is amazing.

I myself am not a Harry

I myself am not a Harry Potter fan; but my 11 year old daughter loves the Harry Potter series. And I believe she would tell you her favorite Harry Potter moment this year was the fact of the adult coloring books coming out that are Harry potter-themed and also the Harry Potters brand new book.

This year I got married on

This year I got married on the fifth anniversary of seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 with my husband on our first date. The Harry Potter books helped me get through an abusive childhood, but when I met my husband and shared my love of all things HP, it changed for me. Suddenly it was not just about how I survived, but now it's become how my husband and I got together. I will always love everything HP for all the lessons it's taught me and everything it's done for me, but this will always be my favorite. Always.

I can't decide between two

I can't decide between two magical moments to be my most favorite, so I'm going to share both. My first one was getting Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. I was so excited when I first heard about it, and knew I had to get it right away. So, when the day of it's release came, I was there waiting for it. My second moment is when I went to go see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on opening week. I've seen every HP movie with my dad the week it came out and wanted to continue with this series too, and its sad to say that this one was not shared with my dad. He passed about 2 months before the movie came out. I wanted to continue on with our tradition, so I brought the picture of him I had with me to the theater and it was like he was there with me, although not completely the same.

I really can't give a

I really can't give a definitive Harry Potter moment for this year. I enjoyed more than one Harry Potter moment. I loved placing my order for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child just as much as I loved receiving it in the mail. I enjoyed reading the book just as much. Then we have the announcement telling us when Fantastic Beasts would be released in theaters, and that was great. Just as great though, was the information we recieved shortly after that. We were told that Fantastic Beasts was going to be more than just a single movie. We were going to get another series set in the Harry Potter universe! Are you kidding me? Absolute heaven. I began reading the Harry Potter series all over again, just so I could add in the Cursed Child at the end of it all. My son and I began plotting our movie time. We had to decide what time we wanted to see Fantastic Beasts on opening day! Of course, the earlier, the better. I just don't see myself picking just one Harry Potter moment. I had several great, wonderful, terrific, and happy moments this past year, and I'm looking forward to many more in the future.

I've watched all the movies

I've watched all the movies/read the books several times. My favorite scene was when Snape told Harry that his father is a swine! Snape is a character you don't fully understand until the end

I LOVE Harry Potter and the

I LOVE Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! I was so excited to be getting another Harry Potter story and it did. It disappoint. I can't wait until the play comes the the U.S.!

My favorite Harry Potter

My favorite Harry Potter moment has been reading the first book with my 3 boys!

My favorite Harry Potter

My favorite Harry Potter moment of 2016 was taking 5 months to read Sorcerers Stone to my 4 year old. He now has a love of Harry Potter! I am so happy he loves the stories as much as I do!!

My favorite moment was

My favorite moment was hearing Hedwig's theme at the beginning of Fantastic Beasts and getting that feeling I hadn't had in so long. New content! It was amazing!