What was YOUR favorite Harry Potter moment of the year? A magical giveaway

Our week of Harry Potter magic is coming to a close, and we hope you've had as magical a year as we have. Now, after looking back on our favorite Harry moments of 2016, we've got an amazing prize pack to offer one lucky Harry Potter fan! 

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My favorite Harry Potter moment would have to be waiting in line at midnight for the release of Harry Potter and the cursed child after waiting 9 years since The Deathly Hallows was released. I remember waiting in line at Borders in 2007 and thinking this is the last midnight release of a Harry Potter book I will ever attend. And I was happily proven wrong! Waiting in line for The Cursed Child was like reliving those days. And at midnight we sang Harry Happy Birthday! And now The Cursed Child will be coming to broadway! All around amazing!

I got chosen for a wand this past May at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. Most magical moment of my life.

I got chosen for a wand this past May at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. Most magical moment of my life.

This answer could be as easy as saying Harry Potter and the Wizarding World had gotten me through tough times this year. However, in reality, that is nothing new. To be more specific. I'd have to go with having my childhood reawakened as the wizarding world resurfaced through the movie release of Fantastic Beasts.

Of course, the magic of Harry Potter has never died. It will always be with me that it has been some what of a friend growing up. It was more so the feeling of seeing something I never seen before. I'd lie if I said watching and reading the Harry Potter series for the 100th time feels the exact same as the first time. The first time I read the series is undescribable. Yea, I still get butterflies when those bells start ringing in my head as I open a book..or on TV as a movie starts. It is just a different new experience and feeling. I've actually wished I could forget the entire series, just to read them ALL over again and experience that feeling. Alas, I have fallen on good times where Fantastic Beasts came alive on screen and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child found a place in my hands. I got to feel that new experience of the wizarding world! That has to be my most FAVORITE Harry Potter moment of 2016.

My sons discovering the wonders of the Harry Potter world for the first time this year .

My favorite moment this year was my husband challenging me to read fantastic beasts only hours before taking me and the kids to see the movie. I lost the bet by only 5 pages! He considered it payback. The 7th book came out when we were 18 and he stayed up to buy the book for me at midnight. He had delivered it the next day when we left to go on a trip. I finished it in 5 hours right when we reached our destination. Lol!

My favorite Harry Potter moment this year was sharing this amazing read with my daughter and her friends in their 5th grade book club.

My favorite Harry Potter moment of the year was going to see the new movie Fantastic Beast and where to find them. I remember sitting in the theater and hearing the familiar intro music and feeling as excited as I was when I saw the first Harry Potter movie. The movie was excellenet and I loved all the new characters that we were introduced to. It was also interesting to learn about the wizarding world in America and see the differences in the two communities. I can't wait for the other movies to come out!

My Harry Potter moment:
Going to Universal Theme Parks to ride the epic Harry Potter ride and afterwords trying different wands!

I am a 2nd grade teacher, and my favorite Harry Pitter moment happens every single year. Personally, I am obsessed with Harry Potter (all of the books), and my obsession rubs off on all of my students each year. Every year I watch at least one student who would rather be playing video games than read, turn to Harry Potter for inspiration. I read aloud Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and watch my students sudden want to hear more, to find out what happens to Harry and his friends. When my students hear their are more books, suddenly our school library can't hold enough Harry Potter books in stock. Thanks to JK Rowling so many kids (and adults) have found the joy in reading again.

My magical HARRY POTTER 2016 moment was receiving my Hogwarts acceptance letter and train ticket in addition to my griffendor scarf. My grandsons are so jealous. Love Harry Potter!

My favorite Harry Potter moment this year was discovering that there will be 5 Fantastic Beasts movies. Because to me that means that the magic and Fandom will continue to live on and dazzle us. And also we will have something to look forward to for years to come.

My favorite moment this year was seeing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It was like rekindling the euphoria I felt as a child when the next movie would come out after I'd read the books. Everything about it inspired me again and made me so giddy again. I'm also so happy to see a Hufflepuff as the leading character since we've received such an inaccurate reputation.

My best moment was reliving the series, and the magic, by reading the illustrated sorcerers stone. Seeing my kids' face light up when they are hearing the story for the first time. I absolutely love the world of Harry Potter living on in the next generation.

My favorite moment of harry potter in 2016 ...

I would have to give it to the illustrated edition of Chamber Of Secrets where Harry, Ron, and Hermione are invited to the death day party. The scene Jim Kay painted for it was so spot on it was like watching an extended version of the movie. The colors were almost real and very appealing. Jim Kays work for the books has not only brought kids closer and in tune to the potter series but has fully refreshed it with his stunning imagery and color.

My favorite was reading Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone with my 7 year old. WE LOVE HARRY POTTER! ⚡️

My favorite Harry Potter moment of this year was getting to actually experience the World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios California. It was our honeymoon and I got to spend my birthday completely in the Wizarding World. From getting my first wand to practicing spells, we did anything and everything we could. I got to enjoy butterbeer, eat at the three Broomsticks, and actually live in this amazing place for a whole day. It really brought the magic alive and made me think that I might not just be a muggle.

I love that the Harry Potterverse expanded beyond books and movies with the introduction of The Cursed Child! It makes the story a bit more tangible, and it's wonderful to have watched Harry grow into an uncertain adult/parent, though he is the greatest hero the wizarding world has seen, at least in living memory lol.

My favourite Harry Potter moment was accepting my engagement ring from my fiancé in a ring box modelled on a Hogwarts trunk he made himself. I'm so lucky I'm marrying a fellow geek who dressed up as Hagrid alongside my Dolores Umbridge for the book release, Halloween, AND the movie release. If that's not a basis for true love, I don't know what is.

The best moment for me was reading every single Harry Potter novel for the very first time, a week before the cursed child was released. And the excitement and anticipation my children and I felt waiting for midnight at the release party.

2016 has been an amazing year for the fans of the wizarding world brought to us by JK Rowling. After months of waiting, we finally got The Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them both the film and the screenplay, the Chambers of Secrets illustrated edition, and the recent announcement that The Cursed Child is coming to the Broadway world in 2018! Its amazing to be sucked backed into Mrs. Rowling's imagination once again after what seemed to be a period of time when people drifted towards tales of survival. All of these moments that were graciously given to us, made my 2016 truly special. I finally had a reason to be at Barnes and Noble 24/7 thanks to the hard work of JK Rowling. I felt like I fit into the throng of people awaiting The Cursed Child release, and standing outside the Theatre waiting for Fantastic Beasts. These two moments brought excitement into my life, and I felt like a kid on Christmas morning awaiting every special release. 2016 was, in a nutshell, a year of money well spent because of these moments. Thank you Mrs. Rowling for you dedicated time to this world.

My favorite Harry Potter moment was fantastic beasts and where to find them. I think it was a great addition to the series and was awesome to see the wizarding world in the United States.

Revisiting the Wizarding World with the Cursed Child! I can't wait to read Fantastic Beasts (Christmas present) and finally see the movie!

My favorite HP moment of 2016 was being able to share the beginning of a new HP era with the love of my life. I was overjoyed to see Fantastic Beasts with my boyfriend - so happy that we get to begin this new magical journey together. My ex-husband actually told me that I was stupid for enjoying Harry Potter! Now I really feel that the magic is back in my life.

My favorite Harry Potter moment of the year would have to be reading the series for the first time and learning of the wonders that lie within the pages of the series. I do believe that the pen is mightier than the sword and J.K. Rowling must have her wand transfigured to look like a pen. So glad that I found such amazing books!

I have two favorite Harry Potter moments for 2016. The first is laying in bed every night snuggled up with my seven year old as we read 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child". The second was when my four year old daughter started using Hermione's line "what an idiot" in appropriate situations and w the best British accent she could muster!

I had the pleasure of introducing my 6 year old son to Harry Potter! The books and movies have long been my favorites so it was a joy to share them with him!

My favorite Harry Potter moment of 2016 has been watching my two year old lug around the Socerer's Stone and "reading" it to herself for the past few months. I especially loved it when she told me there's no time to eat dinner because she has to read Harry Potter.

My favorite moment this year has been reading the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to my 5 year old son. It is taking a long time but he loves it and I love that he loves it.

My #harrymoment, was seeing my son fall in love with the series this year! He is 8, and in second grade and determined to finish all the books and take RC tests on all of them before the school year is out! We are on book 4 right now, he of course was Harry for Halloween, and has asked Santa for a firebolt and fantastic beasts book for Christmas. Couldn't be prouder as a mom. Wish I could upload a photo of him at the Yule Ball at Barnes and Noble for you!

My most magical moment this year was watching my daughters find the love of Harry Potter. They both had never read nor watched any of them. I gave them their first experience and to watch their eyes light up with excitement over them was magical. My oldest has always felt on the outside , being bullied at school. She found a kinship with Harry, admired how he kept getting back up after being knocked down. It gave her someone else to admire and inspire to be like, to keep trying even when it gets hard. My youngest dressed as Harry's daughter on Halloween, and was so excited over the number of adults who lived her costume! She was the only one on the whole block in an HP costume, so she felt extra special. HP has brought us fun and happy times, for that I will always be grateful. Thank you JK Rowling!!

My favorite Harry Potter moment of this year was reading the series to my newborn son and to my husband who has never read the series before. My husband loves the books and my baby calms down and listens quietly as we read together as a family.

My favorite Harry Potter memory of the year would have been attending Frostburg State University for the Harry Potter Book Night. They redesigned the whole library into Hogwarts while all students and kids dressed up in their favorite character. They separated all the kids into houses and had them in different classes such as spells and charms, dark arts and many more. We have Harry's birthday cake from the very beginning, snacks and drinks which were all copied from the series and so much more, it was truly an amazing experience. At the end, the house with the most points won the house cup. They truly out did them self and kids of all ages had an amazing time. I can't wait to go back next yr. However receiving the cursed child book was also a favorite bc no one ever wants the story to end so it's very hard to pick just one!

My favorite Harry Potter moment of 2016 was being able to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with my children. I have read them all of the Harry Potter series and was thrilled to read them the new one this year. They share the same love as I do for Harry Potter and it melts my heart. I have always been a die hard Harry Potter fan and it melts my heart that I get to share these memories with my daughters.

I loved feeling the excitement of anticipation for another Harry Potter.

being able to read the books with my kids and discussing what is happening and what they think will happen next. readers for life.

My daughters fav HP moment this year was going to the HP Yule ball. She realized that there are tons of people out there, that share the same love for Harry Potter. At that moment in her life, she didn't feel like the odd 11 yr old who loves Harry Potter. That is perfectly normal to be a book nerd and a hufflepuff!!!

My favorite HP moment this year was listening to the Fantastic Beasts soundtrack for the first time! :) It's beautiful.

My favorite moment(s) is watching my daughter as she reads the Harry Potter series for the first time. Especially when she is in a chapter that didn't make the movie and we can talk about the deeper subjects covered.

Without a doubt,travelling to England and Scotland this past summer with my sis in law and. Iece,and doing the Warners Bros studio tour and also going to Alynwick Castle. Also went to Elephant Cafe in Edinburgh. We did all things ,Harry,as much as possibke.Perfect trip. Inspired by Harry Potter.

I loved the movie Fantastic beasts and I can't wait to read the screenplay.

My kids realize what Harry Potter is!<3

Harry Potter is my all time favorite! I have watched the movies and read the books like a million times. I was excited to read the cursed child and my husband took me to see fantastic beasts. I loved it! This book set would be amazing to win!

HP moment of the year was definitely celebrating the midnight release of Cursed Child at Barnes & Noble in TriBeCa with The Group That Shall Not Be Named, New York City's Harry Potter meetup group! Felt like the good old days again and had a magical time! :)

The first few bars of Hedwig's Theme being played before the opening of Fantastic Beasts. Actually got choked up.

I'm writing on behalf of my daughter who is 8 y.o. She read her first Harry Potter book (SOS) in 7 hours and book 3 in 6 hours and 50 minutes. She is really happy that she finally got a chance to read the books. She's now reading year 4.

My favorite Harry Potter moment was finally reading the Cursed Child and getting to experience a bit of Harry's world again. It was 'magical'.

My fav moment of this year was being at the Barnes and Noble midnight release of The Cursed Child. It was super fun. Everyone was dressed up, tons of arts and crafts. It was great fun for everyone! My fav moment for 2017 will be going to Universal Studios CA and going to the WWHP.