What was YOUR favorite Harry Potter moment of the year? A magical giveaway

Our week of Harry Potter magic is coming to a close, and we hope you've had as magical a year as we have. Now, after looking back on our favorite Harry moments of 2016, we've got an amazing prize pack to offer one lucky Harry Potter fan! 

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My favorite moment was spending time with my friend and her friend, who became my friend that night, at the launch party of The Cursed Child at our local Barnes and Noble. We had so much fun playing the games and nerding out with other fans of all ages.

9/28/16. 10:02a EST @FanasticBeasts tweeted a link to the final trailer of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I was at work in NY in the omelet line then I was in NY 1920s, traveling nearly 100 years with one click. I loved the trailer. I had quite the experience watching it. I was excited, I was filled with joy and appreciative to be transported away to something so magnificent during such a mundane task. I stood in line and watched the trailer repeatedly texting links to my friends and raving about my excitement and eagerness for the new film. I went to Amazon to re-confirm that I had pre-ordered the digial version of the screenplay then added a few more Fantastic Beasts books to my queue as well. It is an annual tradition to read the HP series and now I will be adding Fantastic Beasts to the list as well.

I loved the anticipation and excitement that we had waiting for the Fantastic Beasts movie!

My favorite moment this year was when my 9 year old son dressed up as Harry Potter for story book character day. He is now ready to start reading the books. I'm excited to share my favorite book series with him.

My favorite moment was finishing reading the series for the second time!

Getting to experience the magic of the Harry Potter stories with my kids!

My favorite Harry Potter moment was going to my first ever book release party at a bookstore nearby when Cursed Child came out! I went with two of my friends and we had the best time! I had never been able to go to one of these party's when the books came out because I was too young, but I finally got to live my childhood dream! Plus, the book was amazing! I finished it in tree hours and now I can't wait to see it on Broadway in NYC!

Absolutely loved reading Harry Potter and the cursed child with my son! He enjoyed it as much as I did.

Finding out that there will be five movies about newt.

watching fantastic beasts and knowing that there will be more movies in the series to look forward to! I love being back in the wizarding world.

After surgery, being able to take the whole week to myself, and reread the Harry Potter Books. #HarryPotter

My favorite moment of Harry Potter was where they opened the theme park because I got surprised with all Harry Potter stuff for Christmas because I am one of the huge is Harry Potter fans that my mother knows and I was excited because they released eight Harry Potter book and I was one of the first people my family to get the screen play extended of it it edition

My daughter is 10 and has a real Potterhead! Her highlight this year was dressing like Harry Potter for Halloween! She doesn't have any of these items and would love these books for Christmas!!!

My 8 year old daughter began exploring the magic of Harry Potter this year and watching her enjoy reading has been a magical experience to watch.

my favorite harry potter moment was reading harry potter to my 7 year old son. we are on book 3 and after each book we watch the movie together. so spending that time with him and reading the books with him has been my most fav harry potter moment.

My 7 year old son reading illustrated Chamber of Secrets was our fave #harrypotter moment this year.

My favorite Harry Potter moment of the year was watching my 7-year-old son finish reading the series for the first time! (He followed along in his books while listening to the audio versions.) I will never get to read the books again for the first time, but seeing the joy on his face and in his heart was the next best thing, maybe even better. (He loves Harry so much that he writes "Harry Potter" on his assignments and even on his school uniforms.)

Opening Harry Potter and the pholosiphers stone for the first time in a very long time and starting to read the books after being obsessed with watching the movies over and over. Sadly Harry Potter and the cursed child hasn't made it to my collection yet or fantastic beasts! Wah!

My best #HarryPotter moment was the way my sons face looked when he started the first book of the series. He has been waiting to be old enough to start and it happened this year!

I loved that our local B&N had an HP night. My children went with friends. Some dressed up. There were games, crafts, quizzes, and giveaways. It was a wonderful night of bonding.

My favorite memory is of my son reading the Cursed Child in less than 24 hours!

Going to see the movie "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them" with my Family. My 12 year old Son had been looking forward to seeing this movie for awhile and I was excited for him to see it too. We all loved it and will more than likely go watch it again over Christmas break.

My favorite Harry Potter moment was this summer when my eleven year old finally decided to read the books! I have been trying to get him to read them for years. Then my husband picked up the first book and read the series as well! I can't wait to introduce my daughter to these wonderful stories when she is old enough, she is only two. Thanks for creating such an amazing world!

Favorite moment of 2016 was reading The Sourcer's Stone for the first time to my class, as their first experience with the book!

My favorite Harry Potter moment of 2016 was reading the screen play for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with my children. I grew up reading it, and then we were able to share together the passing of the torch to the children of the main characters. That was magic.

My favorite Harry Potter moment this year was seeing one of my students hold up his finger in the middle of a lesson. He held it up and said in wonderful British accent, "Harry Potter". It was then that I laughed so hard and realized my first grade kiddos like him too. So I ordered the complete box set for my classroom. And that was the 2nd favorite Harry Potter moment. Getting that wonderful suitcase in the mail filled with wonderful hardcover books. Ahh. I loved it.

My favorite Harry Potter moment of 2016 didn't involve Harry at all. Watching the Fantastic Beasts film, and discovering this whole new narrative thread in the wizarding world, was just terrific, specifically because of how different it was from what had come before. The chemistry between Newt, Tina, Queenie and Jacob is wholly unique and fun, and I really liked watching their dynamic unfurl against a totally different setting and feeling than the original book, but it also tapped into just the right amount of nostalgia and felt as exciting discovering this as it was to open one of the books for the first time. I can't wait for the sequel.

Our favorite HP 2016 moment was when my older daughters began reading the books to my youngest daughter.

My favorite Harry Potter moment of 2016 was the combination of many moments. I read Philosopher's Stone to my niece this year; I'm working on turning her into a fangirl early (she's 2). I also got to discuss/gush over Cursed Child with my Harry Potter friends, nearly a decade since our last big HP discussions. Throw in a few Harry Potter events and the moments from 2016 are all adding up to a magical time.

My favorite HP moment was watching my reluctant 5th grader read the first book. He never wants reads at home, but I found him choosing to read. He finished the first book in Nov. of 2015. By May 2016 he read the entire series and eagerly anticipated the release of the newest book. I would not have thought that a year ago. Now he continues to love reading, devouring other books!

The best moment for me was going to Universal Orlando to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I got to ride the Hogwarts express, shop in diagon alley, drink butter beer, walk through Hogwarts and then I did take a peek at nocturne alley...just to see it. It was so magical and reminded me of the books and movies. I also ate some Bertie Botts beans and did try vomit and earwax...they were gross. This is something I had wanted to do for awhile so I was so happy to get the chance.

My favorite Harry Potter moment this year was when I opened a box of 30 copies of The Sorcerers Stone, courtesy of Donors Choose, and put them in the hands of my students!

We loved getting the illustrated Sorcerer s Stone! So beautiful

When I got to finally read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

My favorite HP moment was going to a live Harry Potter event for an entire weekend at St. Bonaventure University in Olean, NY. I participated in a real life Wizard's chess game, watched a Quidditch match, and got to discuss the love of the series with other Harry Potter lovers.
A runners up moment was going to see Fantastic Beasts. It was so good and filled the void of missing Harry and the gang!!

The best Harry Potter moment of my year is when I won two free tickets of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Then from Scholastica and when I went to see the movie, I had goosebumps all over my body as I was introduced to another wizarding world. It was the best and special moment for me for I love animals and seeing those Fantastic Creatures makes me want to know more and more. I loved Newt and him being a Hufflepuff for I myself am a Hufflepuff and I would love to watch the entire series to come. My favorite sensation or feeling is when the Warner Bros logo came up and that new tune of the Hedwig theme rang and I was like "This is gonna be a good movie." and it even exceeded my expectations. I missed the feeling wherein you don't know what you're watching and it is like I have never took a breath these past years since the 8th movie. I really loved it and This is the best Harry Potter moment I have had this year. I LOVE MAGIC!

Watching the new movie set in the Harry Potter universe gave a us whole new era of wizarding history to love. Fantastic Beasts was incredible to watch with stunning visuals and endearing characters. I love going to the movies with other fans and I'm glad it doesn't have to end anytime soon!

My favorite Harry Potter moment of 2016 was starting to read the Harry Potter books with my son! My daughters all read them and are now grown, and I love having the opportunity to revisit the series as my son discovers the magic for the first time!

Two awesome Harry Potter moments in 2016. We threw a Harry Potter party for our 10 year old daughter this past summer. Recreated the great hall and played Harry Potter games (my husband created a jeopardy game for the kids!). Then we took her to Universal Studios to see Harry Potter world in person. I read the books years ago, and it's so fun to watch her love the story!

Reading whole set of Harry Potter including Cursed Child and Fantastic Beast in my bedroom while laying on the bed and switching on the air-con somemore having cookies and coffee on small desk

My favorite Harry Potter moment of this year was waiting for the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child back during summer. I've never been a part of midnight releases so this was overall exciting and amazing! I also got the Harry Potter coloring book the same night as well and I have was so pleased to get my hands on them both. :)

Braving a snowstorm this weekend to see Fantastic Beasts. We hadn't found time to see it sooner. This combination gave us a private screening. With so much going on and our different interests, we love moments like this with our shared ones.

I have been so excited about the illustrated copies!! My kids have bought me book number two. I hope to get the whole collection!

That's easy! When I convinced at least three people to get with the program and discovery Harry Potter and all it's wonderfulness. Some have seen 1-2 movies or read most of the books, but you have to do it ALL to appreciate it and know it's addictive.

Fun contest!!!! Thanks.

My favorite moment(s) has been reading the illustrated version of The Sorcerers Stone to my kids. To see their little faces wide eyed and engaged, feasting their eyes on all the beautiful artwork. Definitely my favorite thing right now.

My favorite moment was gifting The Cursed Child to my oldest son on his birthday this year. It had come out just in time. He was so excited and finished reading it that day. He loves the Harry Potter books and has read and reread them many times!

My favorite Harry Potter moment was just this past Saturday....I had bought the illustrated books 1 and 2 for my best friend for Christmas, and that is when I gave them to her. The look on her face was magical! I was so happy that the gift made her so happy!

My favorite moment this year was when a kindergartner walked in to our school library and asked, "How is Cursed Child going?" Apparently he had heard me mention the week before that I was reading it, and wanted to check in to see if I liked it! So cute, he is already hooked.

It's been a magical year! I can't pick a favorite, so here are three magical moments:
1. Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the fifth time and finally purchasing an interactive wand which totally adds to the experience making my feel like a real witch!
2. Going to a small bookstore to purchase The Cursed Child with my husband and sister. Spending the late hours talking about Harry Potter and the gang.
3. Fantastic Beasts! Seeing it three times because I loved it so much!

My favorite moment was hearing the joy in my grown daughters' voices when they called to thank me for the Illustrated Harry Potter I sent in their college care packages. Harry Potter is such a touchstone of their entire childhoods, that they return to the books for comfort over and over. The fully illustrated editions add another magical layer to the whole experience.