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Throwback Thursday: Four Winds Press

Gina Asprocolas January 26th, 2017

A look back at some titles from one of the first Scholastic imprints, Four Winds Press.

Throwback Thursday: Martin Luther King, Jr. in classroom magazines

Gina Asprocolas January 12th, 2017

It's the first Throwback Thursday post of the year! With Martin Luther King, Jr. Day happening this Monday, our...

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Reading resolutions 2017

Gina Asprocolas January 5th, 2017

New year, new resolutions, new you!

Here on OOM we like to share with you our reading resolutions for the year. Some of us (like me!) aim to read...

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Throwback Thursday: Happy holidays

Gina Asprocolas December 22nd, 2016

The holidays are here! Hanukkah begins Saturday night, Christmas is this Sunday, and Kwanzaa begins Monday night.

Throwback Thursday: Winter and snow

Gina Asprocolas December 1st, 2016

It's December! When I think of December, I think of the holidays and snowy winter scenes... even though it usually starts to snow here at Scholastic HQ in New York City in...

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Throwback Thursday: Thanksgiving

Gina Asprocolas November 10th, 2016

As of today, Thanksgiving is only two weeks away. When did that happen?

Some people like to get into the holiday spirit right after Halloween (I will admit to...

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Throwback Thursday: Vintage scares

Gina Asprocolas October 27th, 2016

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and it's my favorite holiday to experience here at Scholastic. With all of our creepy titles from classic...

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The Beatles: Influencing Yesterday and Today

Gina Asprocolas October 25th, 2016

Last Wednesday was an exciting day here at Scholastic – we hosted a live webcast presented by in our Auditorium for New York City students all about the...

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Scholastic at New York Comic Con: A social media recap

Gina Asprocolas October 10th, 2016

Last weekend was New York Comic Con, one of the biggest fan conventions in the country, and Scholastic was there with both popular panel speakers – like...

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Throwback Thursday: the Scholastic Student Vote

Gina Asprocolas October 6th, 2016

Earlier this fall we announced here on OOM that the Scholastic Student Vote was opening again in time for the 2016 election. What’s the Scholastic Student Vote...

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