Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Professional books for Teacher Appreciation Week

Gina Asprocolas  //  May 10, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Professional books for Teacher Appreciation Week

Since this edition of Throwback Thursday is right in the middle of Teacher Appreciation Week, we're highlighting professional books! Professional books are titles meant to help teachers in the classroom as they work with students.

These books – most of them published in the late 60s and 70s – were published under the Citation Press imprint. According to Scholastic: A Publishing Adventure, "Citation Press (originally called Educators' Service when organized by William Boutwell in 1965), specialized in the publication of paperbacks for the education profession. Citation Press because a unit of the Library and Trade Division in 1970."

Citation Press no longer exists, but Scholastic still publishes professional books; check out the Scholastic Professional Online Press Kit on our Media Room for all the latest news!

These vintage books cover a wide variety of topics, whether it's actual subject matter (like science and art) or professional development. All are either written or edited by teachers, professors, or specialists. (The book on activities for substitute teacher was actually written by a substitute teacher in Ohio!) And, they all have *wild* cover art! 

Learning to Move and Moving to Learn by William G. Bentley, 1970 Open Education: The Informal Classroom by Charles H. Rathbone (editor), 1971 Educational Change: The Reality and the Promise by Richard R. Goulet (editor), 1968
Reality-Centered Learning by Hy Ruchlis and Belle Sharefkin, 1975
Teaching Africa Today: A Handbook for Teachers and Curriculum Planners by E. Jefferson Murphy and Harry Stein, 1973
Beyond Words: Nonverbal Communication in the Classroom by James J. Thompson, 1973
Pass the Poetry, Please! Using Poetry in Pre-Kindergarten-Six Classrooms by Lee Bennett Hopkins, 1972
Science Can Be Elementary: Discovery-Action Programs From K-3 by Barbara S. Waters, 1973
Half-Hour Notice: 50 Mini-Lessons for High School Substitutes by Mary Glenn Haskins, 1974
Art: Another Language for Learning by Elaine Pear Cohen and Ruth Straus Gainer, 1976


Gina Asprocolas