Learning with Clifford: Back to School Edition

Guest Blogger  //  Jul 30, 2021

Learning with Clifford: Back to School Edition

The following post was written by the Scholastic Entertainment team.

For decades, Clifford the Big Red Dog has taught us many lessons that we can share with our families and friends. Now, with the help of Clifford The Big Red Dog adventures on Amazon Prime Video and PBS KIDS, everyone’s favorite canine is teaching us how we can learn more about ourselves through our emotions.

The arrival of new pup Hudson on Birdwell Island teaches Clifford and his friends what it means to be a caring teacher and a good student. And after a big red summer, remembering how to put your best learning cap on can be difficult!

As the summer sun sets and preparation for returning to school begins, students can feel overwhelmed, anxious, and even a little excited to be in a new place – just like Hudson! 

Whether you’re a pup or a pupil, heading back to school requires patience and understanding and Clifford is here to lead the way with his own examples.

In the episode, “Puppy Preschool,” a new four-legged friend arrives on Birdwell Island! Although Hudson is adorable and eager to meet new people, she doesn’t know how to play well with Clifford and his friends and also struggles with sharing. Though Clifford is frustrated with Hudson at first, Emily Elizabeth helps him realize that new pups (just like new students!) need good teachers to show them love, patience, and care. By launching his own Puppy Preschool, Clifford takes Hudson under his wing and teaches her politeness and how to play well with others! Watch Clifford show Hudson how to be an understanding and patient friend as Birdwell Island’s newest student learns how to play -- together!

When heading back to school, know that BIG changes are always easier to tackle with the help of caring teachers and patient friends. Teachers, parents, and classmates are always there to help explain challenges in new ways so that every kid (and dog!) finds success, friendship, and happiness. By showing a little bit of understanding, Clifford does just that and helps transform Hudson from a pesky puppy to the star student!

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