Learning with Emily Elizabeth: Curiosity

Guest Blogger  //  Mar 4, 2021

Learning with Emily Elizabeth: Curiosity

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For decades, Clifford the Big Red Dog has taught us many lessons that we can use with our families and friends. Now, with the help of Clifford The Big Red Dog adventures on Amazon Prime Video and PBS KIDS, everyone’s favorite big red dog is teaching us how we can learn more about ourselves through our emotions.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re learning with Emily Elizabeth. Clifford’s favorite two-legged friend is strong, courageous, joyful, and, of course, curious! Emily Elizabeth’s curiosity enables her to learn new things, explore with Clifford, and go on exciting adventures with her friends, even though she may be scared at times. 

Let’s get curious with one of our favorite females, Emily Elizabeth! 

In the episode “The Space Race!,” Emily Elizabeth and her friends blast off on a mission to Mars! After learning all about the red planet from a library book, Emily Elizabeth lets her curiosity about space fuel her next big adventure – a space race to “Mars”… or the far side of Birdwell Island. Rather than letting the wonders of the solar system remain unknown, she sets off to find answers – while having out-of-this-world fun in the process! After blasting off to space with the help of their big red booster rocket, encountering aliens in the form of beach crabs, and collecting their very own space rock from the surface of Mars, the friends return home from a day of friendly competition and exploration thanks to Emily Elizabeth’s curiosity and desire to discover something new. Your young learners can prepare for their own mission to space with Emily Elizabeth and Samantha below:

We practice curiosity any time we ask “why” about something in our everyday lives. Searching for answers to unknown problems, unanswered questions, or even puzzling mysteries is at the heart of every Birdwell Island adventure – and it’s this curiosity that leads our friends to challenge themselves and others while leaving a positive mark on the world around them.

Meanwhile, in the episode “Sherlock Bones,” Emily Elizabeth and the doggy detectives set off to solve the mystery of the missing town dog bowl! When the town dog bowl disappears on a hot summer’s day, Emily Elizabeth jumps at the chance to solve the mystery! The detectives use their ears, eyes, and noses to follow clues throughout town while discovering suspects along the way! Even though Emily Elizabeth and her four-legged friends have never solved a mystery before, they let their curiosity drive them to try something new and use the resources around them, like mystery books and their very own senses, to help! Inspired by her own curiosity and the desire to help her friends, Emily Elizabeth stops at nothing to crack the case! Join the detectives in their hunt for the town dog bowl here:

As the primary driver of the action of each Clifford story, Emily Elizabeth is a relatable role model for young girls and serves as a constant reminder that leadership, strength, and curiosity are the greatest additions to any adventure.

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