Learning with Clifford the Big Red Dog: Confidence

Guest Blogger  //  Feb 12, 2021

Learning with Clifford the Big Red Dog: Confidence

The following post was written by Anna Clark, Corporate Marketing Coordinator.

For decades, Clifford the Big Red Dog has taught us many lessons that we can use with our families and friends. Now, with the help of brand-new Clifford The Big Red Dog adventures on Amazon Prime Video and PBS KIDS, everyone’s favorite big red dog  is teaching us how we can learn more about ourselves through our emotions.

First up, confidence!

Confidence can be one of the most difficult feelings to understand. As adults, we struggle with confidence, whether it be having too much or too little. Though when it comes to teaching our children about confidence, we must make it easy to digest and simplify what it means to be comfortable with who you are.

In the episode “My Hero, Hero,” Pablo’s dog and Clifford’s friend, Hero, doesn't feel like he can live up to his name. While many of Hero’s friends have confidence and preform BIG acts of heroism every day, he feels inferior as the heroic deeds he tries to accomplish continue to fall short.  When it starts to rain while they play outside, Hero remembers that Pablo has left his comic books out on the lawn and runs home to bring them inside jumping into hero mode! Even though Hero doesn’t think what he did is out of the ordinary, he’s congratulated by Clifford and his friends for knowing what needed to be done and executing his plans without fear.

When confident, we understand that while we may not be the best at everything, we try our hardest at all we do. We understand our own worth and our own talent. We understand that everyone is different!

It’s important to note that not everyone feels confident all the time and that’s okay. When teaching what it means to be confident, kids should know that encouragement is the second lesson in line.

In “When You Wish Upon a Cake,” Pablo’s wish comes true when he learns that he’s going to become a big brother! When worry and doubt begin to creep in about his ability to be there for his little sister, Pablo loses his confidence. But when Clifford and Pablo’s friends remind him that he is always there for them and that he will be a great brother, his confidence comes back.

By following Clifford’s examples, children are able to learn how to practice confidence and know that they’re the person who they’re meant to be!

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