Thoughts on how to support readers

Julia Graeper  //  Sep 21, 2017

Thoughts on how to support readers

Here's what you need to bookmark for your evening reading from my favorite blog, Reader Leader. (Click on each title below to follow the link.)

Patience, Paying Attention, and Leaving our Judgment at the Door

Tracey Baptiste offers an expansive view of what it means to be a reader.

Praise of Teachers

Jewell Parker Rhodes on writing for kids and teachers: "I choose these topics because children will inevitably learn about these dark aspects of their world someday. The least we can do is introduce these difficult matters in a context that allows them to ask questions, explore history critically, and see how times of tragedy can bind people together. I feel blessed to see so many teachers embracing this challenge and using my books as a starting point for these lessons."

Empowering Students to Help Grow Readers

Teacher-librarian Beth Parmer encourages her students to share kindness through books.

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