Scholastic Book Fairs Idea Share: the place for Book Fair coordinators and volunteers!

Guest Blogger  //  Sep 20, 2016

Scholastic Book Fairs Idea Share: the place for Book Fair coordinators and volunteers!

Scholastic Book Fairs coordinators and volunteers have expressed an interest in having an online space where they can connect with each other to share ideas and information, hear about new books, and get hands-on advice and tips for hosting a successful Book Fair. Now, this idea has become a reality.

Scholastic Book Fairs recently launched a brand new Idea Share online community for Scholastic Book Fairs coordinators and volunteers. Idea Share features current and archived articles from featured bloggers, including Sarah Svarda, librarian and award-winning Book Fair chairperson, LaQuita Outlaw, middle school principal, John Schumacher, librarian, lecturer, and Scholastic’s Ambassador of School Libraries, as well as guest posts from other Book Fair organizers, volunteers, and principals from across the country.

Among the topics that will be discussed in the community are:

  • tips and tools for hosting successful literacy events
  • new ways to engage principals and volunteers
  • books we love and want to recommend

The community also gives Book Fair coordinators and volunteers an opportunity to share success stories and best practices with each other. In addition, the site features a media wall that brings together social media activity from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #mybookfair and displays the comments and images in real time on the website, so you can follow along and see what other schools are doing to promote and publicize their amazing events.

In the near future, the community will expand to include member spotlights, photo contests, instant messaging between members, and more.

Visit Idea Share at today to see what’s going on in the Scholastic Book Fairs community. But don’t just be a passive observer — share your own new idea or start a new discussion by clicking on the Share Your Idea box. Everyone in the community will benefit!

- Teryl McLane, Scholastic Book Fairs