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Scholastic News: Generating Great Memories, Generation after Generation

Guest Blogger August 14th, 2014

Just in time for #throwbackthursday, Jackie Glasthal from our Classroom Magazines team is here with a guest post about those issues of Scholastic News and...

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Oh captain, my captain

Guest Blogger August 5th, 2014

Tra-la-laaa! Happy National Underpants Day!

A word from Dr. Two-Brains

Guest Blogger August 4th, 2014

Hello! Dr. Two-Brains here. You may know me from one of my myriad plans to turn parts of the city into cheese. And I would succeed, if only WordGirl wasn't always there to...

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Back-to-school bookshelves

Guest Blogger August 4th, 2014

A guest post from Sarah Keating:

A live Harry Potter birthday readathon!

Guest Blogger July 28th, 2014

As you already know by now, July is Harry Potter Month! You probably also know that Harry Potter's birthday is July 31st, and what better way...

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Parent bloggers share their Summer Reading Challenge photos!

Guest Blogger July 15th, 2014

Special thanks to Corporate Communications intern Melissa for writing this post! For more information on the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge, visit www.scholastic....

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What's your local bookstore or library like?

Guest Blogger July 14th, 2014

Happy Monday! We hope your weekend was filled with great reads. Today's guest post comes from Stephanie Agresti, one of of the three interns working on the...

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Are you watching the World Cup this weekend? Miguel is!

Guest Blogger July 12th, 2014

You may remember seeing guest posts from Clifford the Big Red Dog a little while ago. (Missed 'em?

On the anniversary of To Kill a Mockingbird

Guest Blogger July 11th, 2014

On this day in 1960, To Kill a Mockingbird was published.

Space is the place to be this summer!

Guest Blogger July 10th, 2014

What do you get when five animal friends­—each with very different personalities—run an intergalactic clubhouse in outer space? Infinite laughs in zero gravity, of course...