Reader Leader: Your weekend reading

Julia Graeper  //  Apr 28, 2017

Reader Leader: Your weekend reading

Here's what you need to bookmark for your weekend reading from my favorite blog, Reader Leader

Empowering Students to Help Grow Readers by Beth Parmer

Teacher-librarian Beth Parmer encourages her students to share kindness through books.

The #30SecondBookTalk Championship May Be Over, But The Opportunity To Help Kids Fall In Love With Reading Continues!

Dr. Brad Gustafson and Jennifer LaGarde encourage everyone to model the joy of reading through book talks.

Battle of the Funny Books by Todd Burleson

Todd Burleson, the 2016 School Library Journal School Librarian of the Year, hosts a BATTLE OF THE FUNNY BOOKS in his library.

We Are Responsible for All Readers

Travis Crowder discusses the importance of pledging to help students build and sustain a reading life.