New from Scholastic Parents: From STEAM to book recommendations and inspirational bookshelves!

Guest Blogger  //  Apr 13, 2018

New from Scholastic Parents: From STEAM to book recommendations and inspirational bookshelves!

Our Scholastic Parents editors are shining a spotlight on some of the latest and greatest content on the Raise a Reader and The Learning Toolkit  blogs. From recommended reads to simple science and craft projects, and inspirational bookshelves shared by parents like you – don’t miss these new stories!


7 Books to Encourage Sharing for Preschoolers
Help your little one learn about sharing and taking turns with these picture book selections for pre- and early readers.

14 Book Series Featuring Strong Girl Characters
Girls and boys will love these series, which are full of strong female characters taking on the world.

5 Fractured Fairy Tales for Middle Graders
Familiar characters face all new adventures in these magical stories, perfect for kids ages 10 and up.

16 Best Books for Dinosaur Lovers of All Ages
Dig into these recommended reads for your dinosaur enthusiast — from informational books to fun and silly tales.

What to Read Next If Your Child Loved "A Wrinkle in Time"
If your independent reader enjoyed the science fantasy novel by Madeleine L'Engle, pick up one of these recommended titles next. 


Use STEAM Skills to Make Mobius Strip Mobiles
Embark on a fun and simple STEAM project with your kids for great, all-around learning. 

Springtime STEAM: Wildflower Papermaking!
Discover this step-by-step guide to making paper with your kids from the ground up! 

Germinate Seeds and Watch Them Sprout on the Windowsill
No need for dirt! In this gardening activity, your child will "plant" a bean in a plastic bag — then watch it sprout! 

Make Stained Glass...Out of Candy!
Help your kids learn about candy-making science with this fun and simple STEAM activity. 


Kids' Crafts Tips & Tricks From Klutz  VIDEO!
From designing cuddly sloths to practicing STEM skills, get crafty with your kids using these creative kits from Klutz.

Scholastic Parents Share: Family Bookshelves
What does your child's bookshelf look like? Check out how real parents like you got creative with building their kids' home library.

4 Ways to Add Literacy Learning to Bath Time
Help your kids soak up the learning possibilities during their next bath time with these fun ideas.

5 Kids Math Games to Play as a Family
During your next game night, try one of these numbers-oriented games to help your child build math skills while having family fun! 

Create a Puppy Pal Bookmark as a Reading Buddy
Help your young reader design an adorable bookmark to mark a spot in a favorite book.


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