New books from Chicken House

Guest Blogger  //  Mar 12, 2018

New books from Chicken House

Barry Cunningham, publisher of the Chicken House imprint of Scholastic, stopped by today to share the new list of middle grade and young adult books incoming to the US in 2018! 

Since 2000, Barry and the Chicken House team have been showcasing their commitment to debut others and finding fresh talent. And for the last ten of those years, Chicken House and The Times newspaper in the UK have been running The Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition for undiscovered talent, open to authors across the globe. This has since grown into a well-established annual event, recognized for having produced a clutch of successful new authors. And one of those winners, Anna Day, is publishing her debut YA novel The Fandom.

To learn about The Fandom and other 2018 Chicken House books, read on! 

Middle Grade Titles

Revenge of the Beetle Queen (Beetle Boy Book 2)by M.G. Leonard
$16.99 hardcover; March 2018. Ages 8–12

“A rare glimpse into the world of insects, mixing adventure, mystery, and science to create a story that's much more than just a novel about bugs. Even the most squeamish will be charmed." —Publishers Weekly, starred review for Beetle Boy. In the sequel, cruel beetle fashionista, Lucretia Cutter back with even more of her transgenically bred beetles on her side and a devious plan. But Darkus and his friends have beetle allies of their own and are determined to stop her.

The Elephant Thief by Jane Kerr
$16.99 hardcover; April 2018. Ages 8–12 

Inspired by real events, the famous elephant Maharajah must walk from Edinburgh to Manchester in one week. Orphan Danny is picked to lead him as a publicity stunt, but it soon turns out that he is the only one who can guide him in this unforgettable adventure about overcoming the odds.

The Boy Who Went Magic by A.P. Winter  
$16.99 hardcover; May 2018. Ages 8–12

A swashbuckling chain of events catapults Bert out of his dull life and into a lost world of the forbidden study of magic. To escape the power hungry clutches of Prince Voss, he’ll have to put his trust into a Finch, plucky girl adventurer with metal legs and her former-adventurer-turned-pirate father. Magic is their destination, for reasons Bert will soon discover.

Dragon Rider #2: The Griffin’s Feather by Cornelia Funke
$17.99 hardcover; August 2018. Ages 8–12

The thrilling middle grade sequel to the #1 New York Times bestselling modern classic, Dragon Rider takes readers on an adventure to hatch the eggs of the last Pegasus in the world. But the only way they’ll hatch is if they’re placed under a griffin’s feather. The only problem is that griffins are the most dangerous creatures in the world, and their mortal enemies are dragons… In addition, Dragon Rider will be released with a brand new cover in May.

The Apprentice Witch: A Witch Alone by James Nicol
$16.99 hardcover; September 2018. (Ages 8­–12)

“One of those rare, unputdownable gems… reminiscent of J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and fans of magical fantasy will be enthralled with the details of this fascinating world." —School Library Journal for The Apprentice Witch.  Now. Arianwyn is tasked with tracking down the legendary Book of Quiet Glyphs as a hex plagues the forest in the sequel to The Apprentice Witch. The paperback edition of The Apprentice Witch will be released in July.

Teen Titles

The Fandom by Anna Day
$17.99 hardcover; May 2018. Ages 14–18

At Comic Con, a freak accident transports Violet and her friends into their favorite fandom: The Gallows Dance, a mega book and movie franchise, when they cause the death of the heroine in just the first five minutes. Now it’s up to Violet to take her place, and play out the plot the way it was written.

Storm-wake by Lucy Christopher
$17.99 hardcover; August 2018. Ages 12 and Up

In this tour de force re-telling of The Tempest from the author of Printz Honor-winning, Stolen, a girl growing up on a strange and magical island must decipher her dreams from reality while her father has a plan to control the tempestuous weather that wracks the shore. But when a young man from the outside world washes up on the beach, speaking of the Old World, nothing will ever be the same. 

Witchborn, Nicholas Bowling
$17.99 hardcover; October 2018. Ages 12 & up

Alyce’s mother has been executed for witchcraft, landing Alyce in Bedlam asylum—mad they say. But nothing will stop her from escaping and fulfilling her mother’s final request. While fleeing to London with a witch hunter on her trail, Alyce discovers her own dark magic and soon lands herself embroiled in the struggle between two queens. It seems Alyce has a part to play—if only she can master the rising power within her.