It's Screen Free Week! Time to get unplugged

Guest Blogger  //  Apr 30, 2018

It's Screen Free Week! Time to get unplugged

Guest blog post by Shara Zaval.

Let’s be honest—from smartphones to video games to movies to e-books, adults and kids alike spend a lot of time with digital devices. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, it’s nice to take a break every now and then to unplug.

Luckily, Screen-Free Week (April 30 – May 6), encourages everyone to do just that. Started in 1994 as “TV-Turnoff”, Screen-Free Week has developed into a weeklong celebration of “living beyond” the screen, engaging with the world around us, and reconnecting with family and friends.

To help you celebrate, Scholastic drew some inspiration from Unplugged, the new picture book written and illustrated by Steve Antony that follows an adorable robot, Blip, as she discovers the joys of going outside after accidentally tripping over her wire and disconnecting from her computer.

We made a week-long activity calendar inspired by Blip’s adventure—put it on your wall and try a new activity with your family every day this week!

Click here to view the full screen pdf. 

We’ll be sending out reminders on social media, and also hosting a giveaway where you can win a copy of the book and help little ones remember the value of screen-free playtime all year long.

And of course, Scholastic’s favorite screen-free activity of all is reading! To find some good books for your kids, students or loved ones this week, visit our recommended book lists, here.

Happy Screen-Free Week!