If picture book characters wore Halloween costumes

Guest Blogger  //  Oct 24, 2017

If picture book characters wore Halloween costumes

With the 31st right around the corner, kids across the country are meticulously planning their Halloween costumes. But how come humans are the only ones who get to celebrate this fun holiday? We decided to imagine what some of our favorite picture book characters would wear if they went trick-or-treating. Read on, and tell us if you agree!

Monster from Monster’s New Undies: Captain Underpants

Monster LOVES his favorite pair of underwear – it’s white, has red borders, and fits perfectly. What better excuse to wear it than dressing as one of the world’s most famous, underwear-clad superheroes - Captain Underpants? All he has to do is strap on a red cape,throw his fist in the air, and emphatically warble Tra-la-laaa!Simple, effective, and showcasing his favorite garment. 

Princess Truly from Princess Truly in I Am Truly: a chameleon

Princess Truly doesn’t need Halloween to try on new identities; in an ordinary day, she can be a rock star, a mountain climber, an engineer and a painter! So what should such a multi-talented, chameleon-esque character wear? Exactly that – a chameleon costume! We think Princess Truly would feel a kinship with chameleons’ ever-changing nature, and would appreciate the challenge of dressing as an animal! 

Pig the Pug from the Pig the Pug series: Air Bud

As we learn in Pig the Winner, Pug loves nothing more than being #1, even if he doesn’t play fair. With his ambitious and rather competitive personality, we thought that he’d want to dress as one of the most famously athletic pups around – Air Bud! Pig may not be a golden retriever, but give him a dark blue jersey, a basketball and a pair of floppy ears to wear over his own, and he’ll personify the canine sports star, perfectly. 

Groovy Joe from Groovy Joe: Disco Party Countdown: a disco star

Groovy Joe is quite musically inclined, and we figured he’d want to sing and dance his way through Halloween, too! Why not really embrace the “disco” part of Disco Party Countdown and don a sequined shirt with an oversized collar, bell bottom pants and sunglasses? We think he could pull it off.