15 Scholastic Parents articles to read this month

Guest Blogger  //  Nov 17, 2017

15 Scholastic Parents articles to read this month

Our Scholastic Parents blogs, Raise a Reader and The Learning Toolkit, offer readers everything from fun craft projects to book recommendations — here are some recent posts that you should be sure to bookmark and read this month! 

Science Activities

Kid-Friendly Science: Dancing Frankenworms Experiment
Do this simple science experiment with your kids to bring gummy worms to life!

Explore the Evening With an Autumn Nature Walk
Set out with your children at twilight to explore the scents and sounds of nature during fall.


Match Up Pumpkins to Practice Counting
Use this fun, seasonal printable to help your early learner identify different ways to represent numbers.

Demystifying Math: What Is Number Sense?
Help your child understand how numbers relate by incorporating this fundamental math concept into her learning routine.

Book Lists

6 Books to Celebrate Native American History
Share the titles on this book list to help your child learn about Native Americans throughout history.

A Very Hairy Book List
Thick, thin, curly, or straight — help your kids celebrate the hair on their heads with this fun collection of nine books.

17 Caldecott Medal Picture Book Winners
Each year, the Caldecott Medal is awarded to an artist of an outstanding picture book. Check out these Caldecott winners from 2000 to 2017.

25 Books That Honor Latin American Heritage
Check out our top books picks for all ages that celebrate Latin American heritage.

24 Books to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage
Share these titles with your child to celebrate Hispanic culture and traditions -- across all age bands.

School Life & Activities

5 Ways Your Child Can Volunteer (and Learn)
Teach your child the power of giving using these simple ideas to help others.

Buddy or Bully? Help Kids Learn to Stand Up for Themselves & Others
Show your child how to distinguish between friends and bullies with our practical tips and free printable.

5 Popular Dress Up Days at School
Thematic dress up days are fun ways to celebrate learning at school and at home.

6 Ways to Support Your Child Before a Stage Performance
Encourage your budding performer to feel prepared, stress-free and celebrated with these practical tips.

Addressing Learning Challenges

How to Be a Parent Advocate for Your Special Needs Child
A mom of a special needs child shares five lessons learned on her journey to care for her ten-year-old son and navigate the system.

3 Common Learning Disabilities of Kids Struggling to Read
If your child is having major difficulties learning to read, one of these learning disabilities may be a factor. Find out more about them.