Literary Quizification

Michael Strouse  January 22nd, 2014 

If my life was anything like my Facebook feed this past week, it would be something like this:

Get ready to read with Clifford!

Guest Blogger  January 21st, 2014  Comments • 5

He’s BIG, he’s red—and yes, he’s oh so loveable! There are lots of reasons to love Clifford...but most compelling are his stories of adventure and friendship that have...

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Fluff and stuff! Happy “Pooh” Day

Michael Barrett  January 17th, 2014  Comments • 1

In my opinion, tomorrow is the best day of the year. January 18th is national “Winnie the Pooh Day” or author A.A. Milne’s birthday.

Winnie-the-Pooh (yes, the...

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Getting crafty with This is Teen

Guest Blogger  January 16th, 2014  Comments • 1

January is International Creativity Month, and we're highlighting great, crafty, bookish things you can do yourself to put your creativity to good use! Here's ...

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New YA for the New Year

Emma Brockway  January 16th, 2014  Comments • 3

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to read more YA fiction, you’re in luck. (And if this isn’t one of your resolutions, it really should be!) Scholastic has a slew...

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“Get #BookFit”: Mid-month motivation

Michael Barrett  January 15th, 2014  Comments • 3

We are at the halfway point for Scholastic’s “Get Book Fit” Month. Like any good coach or personal trainer, we want to see how you are doing with this New Year’s...

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Literary mentors

Nadia Almahdi  January 15th, 2014  Comments • 1

As Alex mentioned in a previous post, January is National Mentoring Month. So to celebrate all the mentors in our lives, we've rounded up a list of some of our favorite...

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A soldier's lifeline

Morgan Baden  January 15th, 2014  Comments • 2

"Art and music and books aren't extras," author Trent Reedy explains. "They're essential."

And he would know. CBS News This Morning aired a spectacular story today,...

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Author guest post by Blue Balliett

Emma Brockway  January 13th, 2014 

Last week’s nationwide polar vortex served as a stark reminder of the dangers of winter. This season is particularly perilous for homeless kids and...

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Book Pull: Fourth Grade Rats

Jessica Watson  January 13th, 2014 

Book Pull [colloq]: When a library assistant or staff librarian (at Scholastic) pools a list of book requests from writers, editors, etc. and journeys down to the...

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What's a "Story Smashup?" You're about to find out!

Morgan Baden  January 13th, 2014 

In just two days, something incredible is happening: iconic authors/illustrators Dav Pilkey (he of Captain Underpants fame) and Jeff Kinney (he of Diary of a Wimpy Kid...

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It's Show and Tell at Work Day!

Morgan Baden  January 8th, 2014 

All of us at OOM have literary treasures -- rare books, first editions, author fan club newsletters, literary prints that adorn our walls -- and today, we brought them...

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The best New Year's resolution you can make

Megan Kaesshaefer  January 7th, 2014 

Year after year on December 31st, as the clock inches towards midnight, millions of people vow to make a change in the coming year. But let's be honest, how many of you ...

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Because of a book...

Megan Kaesshaefer  January 6th, 2014 

Because of a book, more people are flocking to The Frick—a gem of a museum on Manhattan's upper east side—than ever. Why?

Need a book recommendation?

Morgan Baden  January 6th, 2014 

A new year is about starting if you're looking for something new to read, may we recommend one (or all!) of these new and forthcoming titles? Each of them has...

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Winter is coming

Morgan Baden  January 3rd, 2014  Comments • 1

Well, it's here, technically. And it came with a wollop overnight -- here in SoHo, Broadway is practically empty (!) and states of emergency have been called for much of...

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Get Book Fit!

Nadia Almahdi  January 2nd, 2014 

Happy New Year! We’ve shared some of our New Year’s Resolutions…what’s yours?

The best books we read in 2013

Brittany Sullivan  December 30th, 2013 

This has been a wonderful year for the literary world. From J.K. Rowling to F. Scott Fitzgerald, 2013 saw an abundance of awe-inspiring new releases and exciting revivals...

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The best books of 2013: a round-up of "Best Of" lists

Lia Zneimer  December 27th, 2013  Comments • 2

What an outstanding year for the publishing world; there were dozens of phenomenal books that came out in 2013. The Internet is crawling with end-of-the-year round-ups and...

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New Year's resolutions: bookworm edition

Lia Zneimer  December 26th, 2013  Comments • 5

I love the start of a new year--there's something about a clean slate that's so exciting. Like so many others, I've spent the past few days reflecting on 2013, thinking...

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Our 5 favorite moments in The Scholastic Store this year!

Michael Strouse  December 24th, 2013  Comments • 1

2013 was a big year at The Scholastic Store. We welcomed hundreds of thousands of guests into the store, held hundreds of birthday parties and held the most events we've...

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Meet the artist: Erin Stead

Megan Kaesshaefer  December 23rd, 2013  Comments • 1

Over the course of the last 12 weeks, we've highlighted the work of some of our favorite children's book author/illustrators who showed us what "Read Every Day. Lead a...

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Our 15 favorite social media moments this year

Megan Kaesshaefer  December 20th, 2013 

1. Harry Potter got a new look. Scholastic reissued the U.S. trade paperback editions of the entire Harry Potter series with...

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Our 5 favorite Harry Potter moments of 2013

Morgan Baden  December 18th, 2013  Comments • 1

It was a big year for a little wizard! Here, we take a look back at our favorite Harry Potter moments of the year.

1. A new look for a classic series...