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Free Halloween resources for your classroom

Alexandra Wladich October 9th, 2015

Looking for free Halloween resources to use in your classroom? Well look no further. Here are some of our favorite Halloween lessons, crafts and activities from Scholastic...

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Introducing Scholastic Teacher magazine (and a giveaway!)

Alexandra Wladich October 7th, 2015

Scholastic is excited to announce America’s longest-running and largest magazine for educators, Instructor® Magazine, is now entitled Scholastic...

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Encouraging children to become lifelong learners on Child Health Day

Alexandra Wladich October 5th, 2015

Today is Child Heath Day, a day to raise awareness around supporting and developing children’s health. In addition to proper nutrition, ensuring all...

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Welcome autumn into your classroom with these free resources

Alexandra Wladich October 1st, 2015

The fall season has arrived! Welcome autumn into your classroom and engage your students with these hands-on fall-themed lesson plans about pumpkins, leaves, and life...

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My favorite literary weddings

Alexandra Wladich August 20th, 2015

Just like Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I too am having an August wedding (in 8 days to be exact!)...minus the Death...

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The building blocks for effective family engagement

Alexandra Wladich August 18th, 2015

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Karen Mapp, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education and renowned expert in family and community engagement has been...

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Activities to keep students learning this summer

Alexandra Wladich July 9th, 2015

Summer is in full swing, but that is no reason to stop learning! In addition to the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge, here are some fun summer activities to engage...

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Attention all caring adults: July is “National Make a Difference to Children Month”

Alexandra Wladich July 1st, 2015

There is no doubt that engaging families in the education of their children can be an effective practice for boosting student achievement and school success. As research...

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In Our Feeds: Chipotle, a treehouse, Seinfeld and more!

Alexandra Wladich June 26th, 2015

Every Friday, we share a handful of links that we found funny, provocative or just plain cool. We call it In Our Feeds. Have a great weekend!

From the...

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Ways to support learning at home this summer

Alexandra Wladich June 24th, 2015

During the summer months there any many ways parents and community organizations can support and encourage learning for children. As research has shown, children who have...

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