Special Graphix update from Comic-Con

Stephanie Smith  July 25th, 2014 

Hello, live from San Diego Comic-Con! AKA Comic-Con International: San Diego, which began in 1970 and has grown to become the focal point for the world of comics...

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Ten years of unprecedented change: The evolution of the book industry

Maureen O'Connell  July 25th, 2014 

While the earliest known examples of books are Mesopotamian clay tablets and Egyptian papyrus rolls, experts agree that books as communications tools came into existence...

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It takes a village…to build a preschool nation

Alexandra Wladich  July 25th, 2014 

Scholastic and Los Angeles Universal Preschool (non-profit organization whose mission is to provide access to quality early childhood education programs for children in...

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A Magical moment in my (distant) future!

Michael Strouse  July 24th, 2014  Comments • 2

 I’ll admit it. I am a Harry Potter super fan. I’ve talked here on OOM several times about how privileged I have been to put thousands of Harry Potter books into the hands...

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Scholastic reports Q4 and Fiscal 2014 results and Fiscal 2015 outlook

Scholastic  July 24th, 2014 

This morning, Scholastic reported its fourth-quarter and fiscal 2014 results and fiscal 2015 outlook.

Introducing Word Nerd Wednesdays

Lia Zneimer  July 23rd, 2014  Comments • 2

I've loved words for as long as I can remember. (Case in point: the below text from my mother.) My colleagues tease me (lovingly, I think) about my enthusiasm for proper...

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The best books to read whilst swinging in a hammock

Megan Kaesshaefer  July 22nd, 2014 

Did you know that today is National Hammock Day? You may wonder why such a seemingly random holiday constitutes a blog post, but here at Scholastic, we...

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What makes a book a classic?

Lia Zneimer  July 21st, 2014 

Every year, I vow I'm going to read more classics, and every year I find myself recycling that resolution come New Year's Eve. Calling something a "classic" is an honor—an...

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Books and barbershops

Morgan Baden  July 21st, 2014 

Go in for a haircut, come out with a book. We love what this barbershop in Florida is doing: the owner is using books to combat poor graduation rates and violence in his...

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Celebrating National Moon Day

Stephanie Smith  July 21st, 2014 

Forty-five years ago on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first humans to ever walk on the moon. What was once considered the biggest step towards the...

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RECAP: Scholastic Book Fairs Reading Summit

Michael Barrett  July 18th, 2014 

Yesterday, I traveled up to Norwood, MA to attend this year’s Scholastic Book Fairs Reading Summit. It was wonderful to sit down with teachers from over...

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In Our Feeds: Word Crimes, reading YA, board games & more

Brittany Sullivan  July 18th, 2014 

Every Friday, we share a handful of links that we found funny, provocative or just plain cool. We call it In Our Feeds. Have a great weekend!

Happy Birthday Mandela!

Deimosa Webber-Bey  July 18th, 2014 

It is more important than ever today to reflect on the legacy of Nelson Mandela, a man who devoted his life to making the world a better place. In his 1964 speech from the...

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Register today for Teacher Week @ Scholastic

Alexandra Wladich  July 17th, 2014 

We are excited to announce that the Teacher Week @ Scholastic schedule is now live! If you are in the NYC area August 18-21...

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Keep creativity flowing during the summer

Anne Sparkman  July 17th, 2014 

Summer is undeniably in full swing and isn't grand! As the long sunny days continue, there are all sorts of different inspirations that you can find this time of year over...

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