Proudly supporting Book Rich Environments

Guest Blogger  //  Sep 27, 2018

Proudly supporting Book Rich Environments

The Scholastic Possible Fund distributes books to children in underserved communities and communities recovering from crises, partnering with non-profit organizations to help families understand the pathway books can provide to understanding oneself and becoming lifelong learners. This year, the Scholastic Possible Fund has become a proud supporter of the multi-organizational joint initiative, Book Rich Environments (BRE), and we’re proud to join other publishers in donating books to BRE!

The BRE initiative was founded by the National Book Foundation, alongside the Urban Libraries Council, National Center for Families Learning, U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The initiative focuses on the nearly 4 million low-income children living in assisted housing across the nation in areas that are considered literary deserts, with limited access to books, bookstores, and libraries. The BRE’s objective is to transform the Public Housing Authority into book-rich atmospheres.

Last year, BRE distributed an amazing 270,000 books to children living in HUD-assisted housing. This year, the goal is even higher: with the support from eight different publishers—including Scholastic—BRE plans to distribute 422,000 books!

Scholastic has partnered with the National Book Foundation to donate close to 75,000 books at 43 different locations, and to support the BRE Initiative as one of The Possible Fund’s largest annual donations for 2018.

In 2017 the National Book Foundation awarded Scholastic CEO Dick Robinson the Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the Literary Community, and in his remarks he emphasized the inspiring rally cry, “Reading for all!” With BRE’s efforts, readers everywhere are one step closer to getting the book that will inspire them to become a lifelong learner.

Learn more about the Scholastic Possible Fund and the Book Rich Environments Initiative.

- Ava Vitali, creative coordinator for the Scholastic Possible Fund