Are you watching the World Cup this weekend? Miguel is!

Guest Blogger  //  Jul 12, 2014

Are you watching the World Cup this weekend? Miguel is!

You may remember seeing guest posts from Clifford the Big Red Dog a little while ago. (Missed 'em? Catch up here and here.) This month, we've got a special guest post from Miguel of the hit show Maya and Miguel. Head to to learn more about the show and its characters, and get excited about the 10th Anniversary coming up in October! Take it away, Miguel!

Every four years around the World Cup, my friends, family and I go a little loco! Soccer is my favorite sport of all time. Maya and I have played since I can remember (and I have to say we’re not half bad)! Mom is a really good player also; she even coaches our team when we need some extra help.

Anyway, the 2014 World Cup has been no different en nuestra familia. Maya and I spent the whole year following the teams in anticipation. (Don’t worry, Mom, I never stopped working on my own game! I always practice small passes to improve, like you’ve said.) By the beginning of the games we each had our favorite team in mind and our friendly family rivalry was underway!

Abuela Elena and Maya were rooting for Mexico. Mom and I were rooting for the United States. Dad decided to stay neutral (he always likes to root for the underdog no matter which team is playing! He says that he just enjoys a good game.) Of course, I am competitive and was wearing my U.S. team jersey. ¡GOOOOOOOOOOL!

After all our enthusiasm, we were all a little sad when both Mexico and the U.S. were eliminated in the same round. It would have been fun to see both teams advance to the semi-finals and watch them play each other! But as Paco, our parrot, squawked, “The games must go on!” There’s always next time. ¡Podemos!

Are you watching the World Cup? Our family is very excited for the finals on Sunday! Good luck to both teams!