The Maker Movement

May 10, 2018

The Maker Movement

This week, we're taking a look at the maker movement. What does a makerspace look like? Why are libraries considered the perfect place to host a makerspace? And what does being a maker mean, anyway?

First, we talk with Kristina Holzweiss, a media specialist at Bay Shore Middle School in New York who is spearheading the maker movement across Long Island. Later, we sit down with two Scholastic employees who have helped create the Klutz Maker Lab line of products, which include DIY gumball machines and remote control racecars!

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  • Kristina Holzweiss is the school library media specialist at Bay Shore Middle School, as well as the founder of Students of Long Island Maker Expo and Long Island LEADS. She is also the author of two makerspace-themed series with Scholastic Library Publishing.  In 2015, she was named the School Librarian of the Year by School Library Journal and Scholastic.
  • Netta Rabin is the vice president of product development at Klutz.
  • Owen Keating is a senior packaging designer at Klutz.

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  • Music composed by Lucas Elliot Eberl
  • Sound mix and editing by Daniel Jordan and Christopher Johnson
  • Produced by Emily Morrow

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