What's it like to sign 3,000 books? Ask Sharon Cameron!

Sharon Cameron, author of Rook; The Dark Unwinding; and A Spark Unseen, recently visited the Scholastic warehouse in Jefferson City, MO to sign copies of her upcoming YA novel The Forgetting. In addition to signing thousands of books, Sharon had the chance to tour the warehouse and learn a little more about the behind-the-scenes process of getting books to readers. Check out the recap of her trip below!

Before she started signing books, Sharon was given a tour of the warehouse, which occupies more than ONE MILLION square feet!

Sharon “picked and packed” a Scholastic book order.

Next up: the signing. Sharon signed lots of copies of The Forgetting over the course of two days. Her fastest pace was 806 books per hour!

And then she was done! Sharon sits atop a throne of signed boxes of The Forgetting.