An update from the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps: Life on a ship, the Obama farewell & more

Anushka Mehrotra  //  Jan 20, 2017

An update from the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps: Life on a ship, the Obama farewell & more

Back in November, we welcomed 24 new Kid Reporters, ages 10 to 14, from across the United States and around the world to our Scholastic News Kids Press Corps. The 2016–2017 batch of Kid Reporters is the largest team of international Kid Reporters to date, including kids from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, China, Thailand, Nigeria, and other African countries from onboard Mercy Ships!

Here are a few stories, fresh off the press, written by some of our new Kid Reporters:


Life Aboard a Floating Hospital

Caleb Biney January 11, 2017

Kid Reporter Caleb Biney has lived aboard one of the Mercy Ships, a hospital ship, for most of his life—ever since he was six months old! He wrote about his experiences and interviewed other people onboard the ship to give us an idea of what life aboard the Africa Mercy is like!


President Obama Says Farewell

Joseph Gorman January 12, 2017

On January 10, more than 20,000 people headed over to Chicago's McCormick Place to hear President Obama give his Farewell Address. One of these people was Kid Reporter Joseph Gorman, who interviewed adults and kids in the audience to hear their thoughts on Obama’s final address to the nation.


“The Job of a Lifetime”

Ethan Zucker January 4, 2017

Daniel Shapiro has served as the United States Ambassador to Israel since 2011. With the Obama Administration coming to an end soon, Kid Reporter Ethan Zucker asked the ambassador to reflect on his role, and what led to him getting “the job of a lifetime.”


Visiting a Folk Fair in India

Sunaya DasGupta January 10, 2017

On a recent trip to India, our Kid Reporter visited the Poush Mela, an annual winter festival where vendors sell all kinds of exciting goods from embroidered clothing to bangle bracelets, and where you can see performances such as those put on by Baul singers!

You can find more coverage by our Kid Reporters on the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps blog, and don’t forget to follow the latest news from our Kid Reporters on Twitter (@KidsPress)!