Throwback Thursday: Looking back at Scholastic Teacher™

Gina Asprocolas  //  Sep 15, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Looking back at Scholastic Teacher™

Back in October 2015, Scholastic announced that America’s longest-running and largest magazine for educators, Instructor Magazine®, was being renamed Scholastic Teacher™.

This wasn't the first name change Instructor Magazine experienced; it was originally published in 1891 with the name The Normal Instructor. Then it became The Normal Instructor and Primary Plans, THEN The Instructor, and for a short time, Instructor and Teacher. (Phew!) When Scholastic finally acquired the magazine in 1990, we simplified the title to Instructor Magazine®.

So, for this back-to-school edition of Throwback Thursday we reached out to Tara Welty, Editor-in-Chief of Scholastic Teacher™, for some vintage covers. Here's what she passed along to us, and be sure to check back later this year when we'll be celebrating the 125th anniversary of Scholastic Teacher™ with a special double issue!

Photos by Tara Welty