Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Celebrating the moon landing

Raisa Masood  //  Jul 17, 2019

Throwback Thursday: Celebrating the moon landing

In honor of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, we’re heading to the moon in this special edition of Throwback Thursday!

Or rather, we’re looking at our books and magazines from 1969 to relive the moment and see how the news was portrayed to kids at the time. The Scholastic Classroom Magazines contained numerous activity sheets, diagrams, and articles for young readers to get a better understanding of the historic lunar landing. Most of the pieces were published in September 1969, recapping the summer’s biggest event for kids returning to school.

We also found an interesting poster created by Scholastic Classroom Magazines and NASA, which details Apollo 11’s journey from the Kennedy Space Center to the moon. It gives an insider look at the mission from lift-off to landing.

Check out all the findings below:

“A Dream Fulfilled,” Senior Scholastic, September 15, 1969

After thousands of years of dreaming about it—but less than a dozen years of actual space exploration—man’s quest to reach the moon was accomplished with stunning success.

“Science World Takes You To Tranquility base,” Science World, Vol. 19, September 15, 1969

What was the most dramatic moment in the Apollo 11 moon-landing mission of astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins?

“Face and Places in the News,” Scope, September 15, 1969

To the moon and back. On July 16, three U.S. astronauts took off from Cape Kennedy, Florida. They circled Earth twice, then headed for the moon.

Junior Scholastic, September 15, 1969

Share the adventures of America's space programs. Understand the marvels of the Apollo missions and other NASA projects.

“Apollo Moon Trip,” Scholastic News Ranger, Vol. 19, September 15, 1969

What is on the moon? Our astronauts went to find out.

“Man on the Moon,” Scholastic News Explorer, Vol. 25, September 15, 1969

This summer man made moon history. Two U.S. astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, Jr., landed on the moon!

“Moon News,” Scholastic News Ranger, Vol. 19, September 29, 1969

Many people watched the astronauts on TV. It was the first time men had been on the moon.

Project Apollo—The Way to the Moon, prepared by Scholastic Magazines and NASA, October 6, 1969

The Moon Explorers by Tony Simon, 1970

A steady stream of people, young and old, began moving toward the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. By mid-July it had attracted a million visitors.

If you’re looking for more space-themed throwbacks, check out this post celebrating our space books. And for more recent coverage from Scholastic Classroom Magazines, check out this article from Scholastic News about the anniversary and this free play from Junior Scholastic.

Special thanks to Gina Asprocolas and the Scholastic librarians for their help with this series!

Raisa Masood