#TechTalk with Scholastic: Introducing Avi

Welcome to #TechTalk with Scholastic, our series highlighting the Scholastic Software & Technology Services team!

Scholastic is known for our award-winning and bestselling books and entertainment, for our Book Clubs and Fairs, for the classroom magazines and teaching resources, and for all the educational materials and support we provide to educators and school districts to help children fall in love with reading. All of that, of course, relies on strong, sophisticated technologies underpinning everything we do. With #TechTalk, we're introducing you to some of the technology associates working to build the technology and tools that help get books into the hands of children across the world. 

We've introduced you to William and Valerie, and today we welcome Avi Banerjee, a Co-Op Software Engineer with a Computer Science degree. Check out what he has to say, and find out more about our Technology Associate program