Student from Miami, FL, Wins 2018 Junior Scholastic “Can You Find Mapman®?” Contest

Nicole Ortiz  //  May 14, 2018

Student from Miami, FL, Wins 2018 Junior Scholastic “Can You Find Mapman®?” Contest

Every year, students from across the country and around the world participate in the Can You Find Mapman? contest—an annual competition presented by Junior Scholastic®,the current events and social studies magazine for middle schoolers. The contest challenges students to test their creative and critical-thinking skills by drawing a map based on a series of geography clues provided by Jim McMahon, aka Mapman, the resident cartographer at Scholastic who oversees the contest and creates all the maps for the Company’s 33 classroom magazines.

Over the last 24 years, the Can You Find Mapman? contest has provided students with a creative outlet to combine their map-reading abilities with their creative talents, and encourages them to test their map-reading skills and use logic to discern clues.

Selected among thousands of entries from all across the country, this year’s grand-prize winner is Alexis Hartog, an 8th-grade student from Miami, Florida. Alexis’s map of Alaska—titled “The Last Frontier”—is featured in the May 14, 2018, issue of Junior Scholastic, and for her grand prize-winning entry she will receive $500 and a commemorative Mapman T-shirt. The names of the 25 runners-up will also appear in the Junior Scholastic issue; the runner-ups will each receive a Mapman T-shirt.

You can view Alexis’s winning entry here:    

Congratulations, Alexis, and thank you to all of the students who participated this year!