Start reading The Notebook of Doom: Battle of the Boss-Monster

Emily Morrow  //  Dec 27, 2017

Start reading The Notebook of Doom: Battle of the Boss-Monster

Alexander Bopp and The Notebook of Doom are back in book #13: Battle of the Boss-Monsters, and you can start reading it right here!

The Notebook of Doom series follows Alexander Bopp, who has moved to a new town where he uncovers all sorts of monsters! In this latest book, the Super Secret Monster Patrol has protected Stermont from all kinds of monsters. But is the S.S.M.P. ready to take on a whole ARMY of monsters? Alexander, Rip, and Nikki need to find the BOSS-MONSTER's secret hideout and steal back the notebook. But first, they'll have to battle her monster army in the ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN! 

Scroll down for a sneak peek of the first few pages!


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