Scholastic Reading Club on KATIE today!

Michael Barrett  //  Nov 22, 2013

Scholastic Reading Club on KATIE today!

Did you catch Clifford on today's "KATIE"? 


Scholastic Reading Club teamed up with Katie Couric for her "Challenge for Change" grand finale and provided several surprises for the the New York City-based non-profit The River Fund


During field correspondent Cameron Hughes' reveal, Clifford surprised all the kids and parents with over 500 donated books. In addition, Scholastic Reading Club chipped in to help "KATIE" reach their goal of 750 Thanskgiving turkeys for The River Fund's food pantry.


I was there in person for the surprise and, I have to tell you, it was beyond emotional. Both the kids and parents lined up to give Clifford a big hug. There was not a dry eye in the house. It was definitely one of my best days working at Scholastic.


Over 500 Scholastic books. 750 turkeys. Dozens of happy kids. One "big red dog." It was the perfect equation for giving back this Thanksgiving.


A big thank you to Katie Couric, her amazing crew and producers for letting us be a part of this special surprise. 


Check out some of behind-the-scenes photos below.


Let us know what you are doing this year to help your local community this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!