Resources to celebrate National Card and Letter Writing Month

Emily Morrow  //  Apr 24, 2017

Resources to celebrate National Card and Letter Writing Month

Back in 2001, the United States Postal Service designated April as the month to observe and celebrate the craft of letter writing. For years, “National Card and Letter Writing Month” has proved the perfect time to show a loved one that you care, check in on an old friend, and more. But in the classroom, it’s an ideal opportunity for educators to support important literacy skills with fun creative writing exercises. 

Scholastic is excited to mark National Card and Letter Writing Month with a brand-new education program called Show Someone You Care. At, teachers can find lesson plans, student activities, family ideas, bilingual resources, and more. In fact, our print materials included a bonus classroom set of cards and envelopes ready for students to design, write, address, and mail. Pretty cool, right?

We’ve already heard from a few educators, and they’re thrilled to have students work on language and writing skills while helping to foster meaningful connections in their classroom. Because in our era of email and text messages, mailing a handwritten letter can feel more personal than tapping-out a short note on one of our many screens.

Here’s what teachers are saying about Show Someone You Care:

“Students live in a tech world nowadays. Many students don't receive any cards or letters for celebrations.”

 “It's becoming a lost art, so students need to learn how to format letters, how to organize their thoughts on paper, and more.”

 “In addition to teaching the format, letter writing gives students a real-life and meaningful way to practice writing. Forming a main idea, adding details, using a good opening and a strong closing are all great elements we can practice.”

To learn more about Show Someone You Care (or to share it with the teachers in your life), visit today!