Read a book to your dog

Michael Barrett  //  Jan 23, 2014

Read a book to your dog

Did you know its “National Train Your Dog Month”?  Besides teaching your pup the usual commands such as “fetch,” “sit” and “stay,” how about, “read a book”?

Sound crazy? Not really. One of the best things to get kids motivated to read every day is opening a book with their furry friend.

Reading aloud is crucial to a child’s literacy development and their overall confidence. Why not have them read to the least judgmental and most attentive (well, sometimes) member of the family?  It’s a great way for your child to bond with human’s best friend.

Hey, even if you are an adult, this can be a fun way to bond with Fido. I sometimes catch myself reading aloud new articles to my two dogs after a long day at work. Let’s just say they are both very well-versed in global affairs.

It seems this idea is very common. Just take a look at the art of our Read Every Day campaign. Six of the 13 original artworks by acclaimed illustrators portray our canine companions jumping into a great book. See the images below of these well-read pups.

So grab a picture book, newspaper or comic book and make reading aloud a “howling” good time.

Share pictures of your pups reading a great book on Twitter (@Scholastic). Happy reading!


Top: Yuyi Morales; Bottom: Dav Pilkey, Harry Bliss, Henry Cole, Judy Schachner, Nancy Carpenter