Read all about it! Scholastic News Kid Reporters are making headlines

In September, 44 kids ages 10–14 from across the country and around the world with a “nose for news” joined the 2017–18 Scholastic News Kids Press Corps. These junior journalists have already gone out into the field, digging up stories on current events, breaking news, entertainment, and sporting events and reporting “news for kids, by kids.”

 Their hard work has gained the attention of journalists across the country who have sat down with Kid Reporters to discuss their passions and what they enjoy most about news. Many Kid Reporters have been featured in newspapers nationwide, toured local radio and television stations and have been guests on morning shows.

 Check out some recent highlights of news stories about the 2017–18 Scholastic News Kid Reporters!

Keep up with the Kids Reporters all year long by reading their news coverage featured on the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps website and in select issues ofScholastic classroom magazines, reaching more than 25 million students in classrooms nationwide.

 To learn more about each Kid Reporter and the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps, visit:

Scholastic News Kids Press Corps