On the podcast: Poetry Month

Emily Morrow  //  Apr 20, 2017

On the podcast: Poetry Month

April is Poetry Month, and we couldn't let it go by without a dedicated podcast episode! This week, we talk with four special guests about the importance of poetry — and trust me, you won't want to miss this one!

First up, renowned novelist, essayist, and poet Calvin Trillin joins us in the studio. He talks about his poetry collection for children, No Fair! No Fair!, as well as his childhood (with an oppressive big sister), and what makes his grandchildren laugh (spoiler: it's often the word "underpants"). 

Next, we're joined by phone by two National Student Poets, Maya Eashwaranand Gopal Raman. These high schoolers were selected from a national pool of more than 20,000 poetry submissions to receive the nation's highest honor for young poets. Maya and Gopal both read selections of their incredible poetry and share their insights about the power of poetry.

Finally, we talk with Adam Couturier by phone. Adam is an administrator for Southbridge Public Schools in Massachusetts, whose school district has started a poetry club and has seen some incredible results from the participating students.

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