On the podcast: Meet the Kids Press

Emily Morrow  //  May 11, 2017

On the podcast: Meet the Kids Press

Allow us to introduce you to the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps! Our call for applications for 2017–2018 Kid Reporters is now open, so we wanted to dedicate a podcast episode to finding out just what those kid reporters do. We hopped on Skype with four incredibly talented students: Esther Appelstein (12 years old), Adedayo Perkovich (13 years old), Titus Smith III (11 years old), and Maxwell Surprenant (13 years old) to hear their stories about covering breaking news, entertainment, and sporting events in their hometowns and on the national stage during the past year.

They told us about visiting the White House and talking with former First Lady Michelle Obama, getting backstage access to Hamilton, interviewing attendees at the Detroit Auto Show, and more!

The Kid Reporters also shared how the program has changed them. For Adedayo, she's lost some of her shyness — "Interviewing people has given me the courage to walk up and introduce myself," she says. And 11-year-old Titus says his writing (especially punctuation skills!) has improved noticeably. 

Later in our show, we sat down with Michael Cappetta, who was a member of the Kids Press during the 2004 presidential election. Michael covered election night on Democracy Plaza. Fast forward several years, and he now works in Rockefeller Plaza as a producer at NBC Universal! 

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