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On the podcast: The importance of civics education

Emily Morrow  //  Nov 17, 2017

On the podcast: The importance of civics education

We've released a new podcast episode! This week, we're talking about civics education.

At a time when our republic feels particularly unsettled, we’re asking: What do students know about their government? What SHOULD they know?

Recent studies have found that civics education is in bad shape. Xavier University, to cite one study, found that one-third of Americans could not pass the civics portion of the American citizenship test.  

Indeed, teachers tell us that there is a critical need for materials that help students understand their role in a democracy and as citizens of the world.

Teachers of all grade levels say that they are addressing civics-related issues in the classroom every day, whether the lesson is on understanding the three branches of government, spotting fake news, or simply learning how to disagree respectfully.

This week, we talk with four Scholastic Classroom Magazines editors about why civics education is so important. We also call up a fourth grade teacher to talk with her about the lessons that she’s bringing to her students.

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