In Our Feeds: Book clubs, book battles & book loving in other languages

Brittany Sullivan  //  Mar 28, 2014

In Our Feeds: Book clubs, book battles & book loving in other languages

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Arguably one of the best things about March is following the ups and downs of NCAA March Madness. Whether your bracket predictions were a total failure or you’re still going strong, it’s always fun to get into the competitive spirit of college basketball. Megan shared this adorable Battle of the Kids' Books infographic from School Library Journal. This virtual book elimination tournament is a competition among 16 of books for young people from this year, judged by some big names in children’s books. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Speaking of books, Michael spotted an interesting New York Times piece on the rising popularity of book clubs across the country. An estimated five million Americans are in book clubs! Are you?

And in case you missed it, this week here on OOM we talked about some of our favorite perfect lines from literature. While we were reminiscing about incredible lines from Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer and One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez, NPR was doing the same thing! Check out this All Things Considered conversation about the "Ten Best Sentences" in fiction and nonfiction.

If you happen to be a fellow bookworm and plan to travel abroad in the near future, Michael also shared this “Handy Guide to Book Loving in Different Languages,” which includes 16 different ways to ask, “Where is the best bookstore?” Now repeat after me… “Waar is de beste boekhandel?”

Between all of this March Madness, reading and international exploring, if you find yourself complaining about a packed schedule, Slate has some important news for you: you’re not as busy as you say you are. Morgan sent around this article about a current cultural epidemic called the “overwhelm.” But what is the answer to feeling oppressively busy? Stop wasting time talking about it (I have a feeling that this is easier said than done)!

And finally, to start off your weekend right, enjoy these fun links that we shared this week:

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