New and improved Rookie Toddler Board Books

Brittany Sullivan  //  Feb 5, 2018

New and improved Rookie Toddler Board Books

We’re excited to introduce our new and improved Rookie Toddler Board Books! These simple, engaging texts are easy for toddlers to hold and feature big, bold photos with built-in interactive learning. What else have we improved to support toddler learning and early-literacy?

  • A “Rookie Tip” on every back cover: ideas for the many ways to use the book and extend children’s learning
  • Find It boxes for children who enjoy finding hidden objects
  • Clear, bright designs with a diverse representation of real children, objects and animals
  • Vocabulary and ideas essential to toddler development (emotions, body parts, colors, numbers, shapes, etc.)

To test out these new board books, Scholastic Library Publishing invited toddlers (aged 18 months–3 years) and their adults to read from the series. Oliver, at 18 months, was fascinated with just handling one of the books: turning the pages, opening and closing it, and carrying it around. While his older sister, Molly, pointed and named objects on the page: “That the piggy!” Another little boy named the colors. These are all excellent, early literacy behaviors. And they show how just one of our Rookie Toddler board books can be read in many ways depending on a child’s age and interests. 

A child can name the colors or point to the animals and name them. She can find the one animal that is another color. Plus a caregiver can read the simple text. On subsequent reads, the child can predict the text, since it follows a pattern.

These books may look simple, but they are chock-full of new discoveries and new ways to encourage children’s learning and development. Take a look at all our new books here: