Map: If your state were a country…

Brittany Sullivan  //  May 11, 2017

Map: If your state were a country…

It’s time for a quick economics lesson! Similar to every country around the world, every state in the U.S. has a gross domestic product (GDP)—the total value of goods produced and services produced there yearly.

In the latest issue of The New York Times Upfront, a Scholastic classroom magazine for grades 9–12, our team created a handy map outlining which countries have similar GDPs to each of the 50 states. California? The Sunshine State’s GDP is most similar to France. Mississippi? The Magnolia State’s GDP is most similar to Angola.

Find your state in the fascinating map, below, or download a full version here!


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All statistics for this map were sourced from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, International Monetary Fund, World Fact Book (C.I.A.).

The New York Times Upfront