Love for Branches books

Megan Kaesshaefer  //  Oct 22, 2015

Love for Branches books

Moms at our offices here at Scholastic have been talking a lot about one thing lately: Branches, our line of books designed for young independent readers who are making the transition from picture books to chapter books. The series within the collection offer kids a wide range of adventures and characters, from Boris the warthog to twins Olive and Beatrix to new kid on the block Alexander Bopp

Sara Sinek, Vice President of Coportate Communications and mother of two, has this to say about the books:

"As Olivia (pictured above) entered first grade I had a really hard time getting her interested in picture books as she wanted to be like a big girl and read chapter books. But chapter books were too hard for her to read alone, and not colorful enough for me to read aloud as they had no pictures. Then I found the Branches book, Missy, on my shelf at the office and brought it home. She loved it and couldn't get enough. Branches books are the perfect fit — they look like chapter books, but feel like picture books!  Olivia and I are hooked."

Sara's friend Alicia loves them too. "Missy is a wonderful introduction to a chapter book. My daughter and I take turns reading each page. We loved getting to know Missy and can't wait to read another Branches series,” she said.

We've enlisted several mom bloggers to try Branches with their own families. See below for a round-up of their reviews, giveaways, ideas for using the books with your kids.

If you read Branches books with your young readers, we'd love to hear from you! Which books do you like best? Leave a comment here!

Sara Sinek