Last call! Kid Reporter applications close May 31, 2017

Brittany Sullivan  //  May 23, 2017

Last call! Kid Reporter applications close May 31, 2017

Do you know a student between the ages of 10–14 with a nose for news and a passion for writing? Encourage them to apply to the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps! Completed applications must be received by May 31, 2017.

Learn more and download the 2017–2018 application here:

The Scholastic News Kids Press Corps is a team of talented young journalists from across the country and around the world that covers "news for kids, by kids." Recently, our Kid Reporters have been busy covering stories in their hometowns and on the national stage:

  • Baby Steps Toward Survival by Sadie Kiel – Hippos and giraffes are listed as “vulnerable to extinction” in the wild. Zoos in the United States are doing their part to help these animals survive.
  • Google Hosts Young Tech Enthusiasts by Manat Kaur – Students visit the Google Mountain View campus for hands-on lessons in technology.
  • Enjoying Street Food in Thailand by Natcharee Chaiwongthitikul – Our Kid Reporter samples some of the world's best street food.
  • A Heated Sanctuary City Debate by Stone Shen – President Trump’s crackdown on undocumented workers has led cities to protect these workers and their families. Not everyone agrees with the decision.
  • A Visit With the U.S. Ambassador to Benin by Caleb Biney – Our Kid Reporter talks with Lucy Tamlyn, the U.S. Ambassador to Benin, about her role as a top diplomat in West Africa.

And I case you missed it, we caught up with four current and one former Kid Reporter the most recent episode of the Scholastic Reads podcast. When asked how the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps has impacted her, 13-year-old Adedayo Perkovich from New York explained, “Interviewing people has given me the courage to walk up and introduce myself.” Michael Cappetta, a former Kid Reporter and producer at NBC Universal said, “When you’re a Kid Reporter, all the doors open to you. A lot of people want to help you out. And I think that kind of mindset carried through to the rest of my life.” Listen to the full episode!

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