Join the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge (and a giveaway!)

Get ready to start reading! The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge is officially open! Starting today, kids can log their reading minutes online to earn digital prizes when they complete weekly reading challenges and gain access to 18 reading activities, including games, quizzes and videos based on popular children’s books.

At the end of the summer, the school in each U.S. state, territory and in the District of Columbia that has logged the most reading minutes will be named “Best in State,” featured in the 2018 Scholastic Book of World Records, and will receive a commemorative plaque as well as an official Scholastic party kit to celebrate their achievement. In addition, special recognition will be given to the top five libraries and community partner organizations nationwide with the most minutes read.

Recent research from the Kids & Family Reading Report™: 6th Edition, uncovered one in five 12–17 year-olds and one in five kids in lower-income families did not read any books at all last summer. To ensure all communities encourage  children to read over the summer months, and adding even more summer reading fun and enthusiasm, the Scholastic Summer Reading Road Trip will hit the road for its second year, hosting free “pop-up” reading festivals that engage communities in helping kids discover the power and joy of reading. Kids and families can visit the free “pop-up” reading events and meet some of their favorite Scholastic authors and illustrators, engage in fun reading activities, and win prizes.

The RVs will visit major cities and nearby towns throughout the summer.* The list of locations and tour dates includes:

  • May 5 – Vero Beach, FL and San Carlos, CA
  • May 7 – Pasadena, CA
  • May 13 – Raleigh, NC; Tempe and Phoenix, AZ
  • May 21 – Austin, TX
  • July 1 – Mystic, CT and Milwaukee, WI
  • July 2 – Plainville, MA
  • July 3 – Chicago, IL
  • July 5 – Brewster, MA and Omaha, NE
  • July 6 – Saratoga Springs, NY
  • July 8 – Bentonville, AR
  • July 9 – Edmond, OK
  • July 11 – Montclair, NJ
  • July 15 – Hudson, OH
  • July 16 – Delaware, OH
  • July 20 – Morehead, KY
  • July 21 – Decatur, GA
  • July 22 – Seattle, WA
  • July 23 – Bainbridge Island, WA

*Dates and locations for the Summer Reading Road Trip are subject to change.

GIVEAWAY! In honor of the Scholastic Summer Challenge opening on May 8th, we are giving 8 readers the chance to win an 8 pack of books to help kick-start summer reading. To enter for a chance to win leave a comment below telling us what books you plan to read this summer. One entry per person. All entries must be submitted by 5:59pm ET on Friday, May 12, 2017. U.S. residents, 18 and over, please. See the complete legal rules here


My entering 2nd grade daughter wants to read Roald Dahl's Matilda. My soon to be 1st grade son is going to listen to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. While I'll be working on 1984 for myself, I'll also be reading a variety of books to my kids. We're thinking about the Wizard of Oz, the Bible, Paddington Bear, Magic Treehouse, Marvel and D.C. books, Stuart Little, and more!

I plan on reading a lot of books this summer starting with Little Women!

Should stop by Anthony, TX on the way from Phoenix to Austin. Our Anthony Elementary Library will be open 8-12 AM on June 16th for Summer Reading!

Thought I read June, not May...We will still be in school in May and would welcome a visit!

Our family is planning on reading the following: Harry Potter, The Phantom Tollbooth, The Land of Stories, Kingdoms Dawn, Stranded Series, and Treasure Hunters. There is nothing better than hearing your children ask you to read to them...again, again, and again ;o)

My daughter, Brianne, wants to read all the Bernstein Bears books this summer! She is a brand new reader and also LOVES Brown Bear Brown Bear.

We are planning to read more chapter books, but this time they will be from the 3rd grade list. Some nonfiction books on science, travel and books on positive behavior ( e.g. Accountability, responsibility, kindness, friendship, bravery etc.)

My daughter is reading at a 5th grade 5month level so she will continuing reading the rainbow fairies, nancy drew, nancy clancy books and I will be introducing her to harry potter, percy jackson.

Planning on reading through Ralph & the motorcycle series along with the Miss Piggly Wiggly series to follow.

My rising 2nd grader will be continuing to read the Magic Tree House series (we are on Book 38), the Ralph the Mouse series, Nate the Great, Ready Freddy, and the Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars readers. We have been reading books daily since my son was born, and it is such a blessing that he loves to read!

Great article, and one that I feel more people should be taught in schools and colleges…

My daughter will be entering 3rd grade. She will be reading The Magic Tree House books this summer!

Families can get more involved with their child's education in several ways. Developing a partnership with the teachers and school staff by meeting with my child's teacher as soon as possible and getting to know who's who at my child's school. Attending parent-teacher conferences and remaining in touch with my child's teacher. Always providing academic support to my child provides an opportunity to assist with any help my child needs as soon a possible. Reading is the single most important thing to help my child succeed. For example, this summer break we will continue our daily reading. My child is allowed to pick out the book and we discuss the reading to assess comprehension. It is important to make the reading experience fun and a positive memory for the child. Allowing a wide range of the types of books read and take turns reading to each other. We read everywhere we go, especially in the car! We started a home library that grows and grows. Empowering the child to make connections in the book to life is a valuable tool to enhance the chid's overall education. Basically, we plan on having an awesome summer going on adventures together in the thousands of books to read! Decreasing and monitoring the use of electronics and television promotes brainstorming for alternative things to do all summer. Always being available to help my child when she is in need, reinforcing the importance of receiving a good education, being a positive role model by allowing my child to see me reading my own books, and talking about what we read afterwards-this not only promotes a better education through enhanced critical thinking and problem solving skills, but plays a factor in the increased wellbeing of a family, no matter the structure.

This summer we will be reading all of books we have bought at the Scholastic Book Fairs :)
My son loves to read, and my daughter is following in his footsteps. We love Scholastic! Thank you!

My 7 year old son has a difficult time with reading and writing so a summer reading club is a must for his education. He loves when he completed a goal and earns a new prize. I can get more involved in his education by helping him choose new books to read.

My 4th grader is an awesome bookworm! She finished the Harry Potter series and loved it! Now she is reading Sense and Sensibility because she wants to get to see "Snape" and "Professor Trelawny" in the movie (Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson). She has a long list of books she wants to read in the summer and a long list of books that she is ready to donate to younger kids. Happy reading!

I have two boys who typically do not like reading. :( My youngest is 9 years old and has just recently found the I Survived series... he LOVES them and has finished 2 books in 3 weeks! :) My older son, age 11, will read sports related books. Our challenge is finding anything that interest the boys that they will read. Our goal this summer is for each of my boys to read 1 chapter book a month. Here's to a happy reading summer!

My daughter will be in 1st grade and when I asked her what books she was excited to read this summer she said ALL of them!! As a parent I couldn't have asked for a better answer!! She was able to meet Author and Illustrator Ethan Long so we are partial to those and just read Chamelia and the new kid in class. Some others on our list are: I, Fly, Ebi's Fireflies, last stop on market street, what if a shark had a party? and I'll wait , Mr. panda.

We plan on following the summer reading program at our local library

I plan to read the great teacher books that have been recommended to me this year, including Harry Wong's The First Days of School. I also want to read the rest of the books in The Giver series! I did a novel study on The Giver and I want to read the rest of the books. Finally, I'll be working at a daycare/preschool so I'm sure I'll be reading lots of picture books!

My son will continue reading the Percy Jackson series. Not sure what my daughter will choose. Maybe Nancy Drew.

This is going to be a GREAT reading summer. My younger daughter, who has Down syndrome, suddenly is reading up a storm!!! Something connected and she's found beginner chapter books to be wonderful and fun. She really likes Junie B. Jones and the Fairy books (left over from her sister) right now! It makes this momma's heart happy!

My son entering 6th grade plans on reading the Tombquest series and any books about dinosaurs that he can find!

My son is 4 and LOVES to read. I "caught" him reading under the covers the other night. He loves the Berenstein Bears right now!

I'm writing my dissertation for graduate school so I'll be reading lots of scientific journals and texts. I'll also be helping my son and daughter learn to read so I know I'll be reading lots of Dr. Seuss with them. My daughter just read green eggs and ham to me tonight.

My boys love reading. They look forward to Minecraft, Scooby doo, superhero, and animal books the most

My little Ella (and I) will be reading Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten, Countdown to Kindergarten, and other similar books. Look-out school, here comes Ella!!

I look forward to reading the beginner Dr. Seuss books with my children. I plan to begin teaching them to read this summer. Hopefully by the end of summer, they will have grasped some sight words.

My boys will be two and they love flap books. They also love to just sit by themselves and do they flaps themselves.

My 9 year old daughter just showed a sudden interest in Goosebumps so Ill be getting her some books for her to start reading over the summer!!

My 8 year old is really into books about Navy Seals, he has a million questions about what they do and soaks it all up like a sponge. Because he is an 8 year old boy he also reads me a lot of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and is looking forward to the latest one. He loves when the Scholastic flyers come home and the book fairs- I try to tell him just one new book and usually get negotiated into three. Thanks for the giveaway and all you do to keep kids reading.

We are planning to read some of the classic stories by A.A. Milne.

I plan to read all the Captain Underpants books before I see the movie this summer!

I have three kids and we all love books! This summer I am reading some of the classics I missed in school and some light YA fantasy/dystopian novels. My kids are reading off our library's summer book lists for 7th, 5th and 2nd grades. The oldest is reading Ransom Rigg's Hollow City right now, the middle is reading Harry Potter again and the youngest is reading early chapter books like Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious.

We've just started reading the Harry Potter books. When my boys read alone, they love to read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

I plan to read the Cursed Child this summer & maybe HP 1 with my soon to be 2nd grader!

My daughter is reading the Judy Moody books! I plan to work on Trevor Noah's "Born a Crime" for starters!

My daughter and I are starting the Junie B Jones series, and she is looking forward to the local library reading list too!