Introducing the re-engineered Scholastic GO! (+ a sweepstakes!)

It’s hard to believe that Scholastic GO!® (formerly Grolier Online) launched more than 10 years ago. Since its inception, this digital education resource has been relied upon by librarians, teachers, and students to deliver credible, accurate, reliable content on every core curriculum topic.

After a decade of use in schools and libraries across the country, GO! was ready for a makeover! Armed with years of statistical data, the editorial and technology teams here at Scholastic reimagined a research resource that would better meet the needs of its vast users… and the new GO! has officially launched.

So what’s new?

The redesigned GO! homepage is fresh and clean, featuring one striking main image and a prominent search bar. Each homepage image is accompanied by a clickable caption and additional resources to allow students to take a deeper dive into the featured topic. This main image rotates weekly, offering different visuals and new topics to explore.

Content from all the former individual databases including The New Book of Knowledge, The New Book of Popular Science, America the Beautiful, Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, Amazing Animals of the World, and Lands and People, have joined forces to offer students a robust bank of information to discover at a variety of reading levels.

Within the revamp, search returns are presented in a fresh and intuitive layout and offer researchers every type of text and media on the subject of interest in one place. Related articles, images, videos, websites, fact boxes, charts, and tables are all returned at once—providing students with a well-rounded view of any topic. Search returns are also sortable by reading level to ensure that readers of varying abilities can comprehend the information that they seek.

While a clean interface, content, and search organization were the primary focus of the re-engineered GO!, this digital resources is still packed with the tools and resources most used by researchers including:

  • 115,000 articles at a variety of reading levels
  • 45,000 images with captions
  • 5,500 charts and tables
  • 1,200 maps hyperlinked to related articles
  • 1,100 world newspapers in 73 languages
  • More than 800 fact boxes
  • 250 custom lesson plans
  • More than 130 videos
  • Nearly 100 career sidebars with quick-fact guides
  • Curriculum correlations to state and national standards
  • Built-in dictionaries for automatic word look-up

Our editorial, marketing, sales, and technology teams are so excited to share the new GO! with you that for a limited-time we’re offering an extended, full access free trial to educators and librarians. Visit to start your discovery of our reimaged research tool today!


**SWEEPSTAKES** - UPDATE: This sweepstakes is now closed. Thank you for entering!

We’re giving away a 1-year SCHOOL or LIBRARY subscription to Scholastic GO!! To enter the sweepstakes, post a comment below with the topic that you’re most excited to explore with your students using GO!®.

No purchase necessary to enter or win. Open to US residents only. Must be 18+ to enter. One entry per person. All entries must be submitted by 5 PM ET on Monday, March 12, 2018. Full rules can be found here.


Perfect timing! My 5yo has recently become fascinated with the universe and is asking more questions than I know the answers to. This will be a great resource for us to use together! ☺️

My 8 year is indeed a lover of science. This would be perfect for her to fuel her brain with all the knowledge that is offered.

My 8yr loves animals and countries. Can't wait to explore Amazing Animals of the World, and Lands and People with her.

I would love to help my students learn more about prehistoric animals. They are part of our new science standards, so I am always looking for new resources about them.

I would LOVE to add this resource to my library webpage as an additional resource for all our students to use! A new unit of study I would most look forward to trying this out with would be with our 4th graders and their severer weather research projects and our 5th grades on their debate projects. Both are new topics that we are in need of a lot of new resources for!

I would love to have a simple search engine designed for kids to make it easier to teach my kids how to find information online for our many projects we complete throughout the year in third grade! Google can be so overwhelming for 8 year olds.

I would love this resource Students could do research on their passion projects. I look forward to see them researching their favorite topics, such as space, prehistoric animals and different countries.

What a great resource!

What a great resource! This database would make a valuable addition to our elementary school library toolkit of research sources. Right off the top, I see search results about weather and the American Revolutionary War, which would benefit our fourth grade student researchers. On a larger scale, this entire database would be helpful for students working on individual passion projects. We teach our students to start their research at the library and the library's LibGuide, where they are sure to fine credible, reliable resources. Scholastic GO would be a fantastic source for students and teachers to use. We would love a year's subscription!

We would love to see more information on America's Reconstruction period.
Our 6-8 grade students are studying Civil Rights at this time, and we want to make sure they understand and make connections throughout US history.

I would love to explore science topics with students, especially geography and animal life.

This is perfect! We are just beginning reports on Famous Americans and this site provides kid-friendly information AND at their reading level! Love it!!
Looking forward to using it with my third graders and sharing it with our staff!

Our state is about to start celebrating our bicentennial and I would LOVE to have the historical maps and access to the newspapers from all over the world. What an invaluable resource this would be!

We would love to provide Scholastic GO! as a research tool for our students! Our elementary school library would benefit greatly from having this database available to students as they are working on passion projects. Our 2nd-5th grade classes complete several research projects through out the year. Teachers would enjoy the easy access to reliable, vetted sources as they encourage students to learn beyond the curriculum. The 2nd grade students would especially love using "Amazing Animals of the World" for their animal projects in the spring. This program would give our students current, updated information that is not currently available in our library. It would be wonderful to have a year subscription to Scholastic GO!

I am interested in exploring the images with captions. My district is always looking for quick, engaging activities to do in Social Studies.

I love Scholastic and think this program looks amazing! My students would love to read the articles- especially nonfiction. It would help them with their comprehension while keeping them entertained!

I would love to share the world newspapers with my staff and students. Our students come from all over the world, and they would love to be able to compare the journalistic perspectives in daily news reports. Furthermore, our ELL students would be able to participate more fully with materials that offer familiar stories in a familiar language. This would be perfect for our school library and classrooms!

I want to learn more about the animal life cycles. I teach Kindergarten and telnet love to explore books!

This would be a great resource for. American History as well as science in our K-5 school.

My 3rd grade students would be researching extreme weather and my 4th and 5th graders would be researching their carbon footprints and how to minimize them.

I would love to win this for our EL/MS Library.

The topic I think our students would love to explore would be wild animals. Our 4th/5th grade students just finished researching wild animals and now I can't keep the library books on the shelf. This resources would help them explore beyond the school library walls.

My fifth and sixth grade Library students could really benefit from the newspaper content. We do a lot of news literacy lessons and this would help!

What wouldn’t we use!
Animals, newspapers, outer space, American history, biographies, we would use it all!
Thanks for this opportunity!

Starting the Exploring Space unit with my grade 6’s soon - this looks like a great resource!

This would be a great source of information when writing our research papers!

My students want to know more about the concept of mining precious gems nd metals in space- diamonds and gold!

I love that research can be done by topics. I would be interested in having students search content areas such as plants and animals which fall under “living things”.

So exciting to see what Scholastic GO has to offer my Title I campus with a large population of ELLs. My classroom goal next year is to have one to one technology for my students with access to as many creditable resources at their fingertips! Scholastic GO could be the most powerful tool on my campus to give our students the knowledge they need to be successful! Kudos to the designers of this valuable resource!!!

I thought about using this valuable resource for the 6th graders on my campus as well!! W

I would love for my students to read the world newspapers to see how different countries might experience the same event in different ways.

Wow! This looks and sounds amazing. I can see my first graders engaged while they research science topics hatbwe are learning about. I can imagine them being excited about reading the newspaper, which provides another type of text the they would have options to read. As a teacher, It would be refreshing to have a resource that that provides standards.

We are an IB candidate school. This resource will help my students with their projects.

Love the different reading levels & fact boxes!

I am most excited about the chance to turn learning over to students, and let their interests drive instruction!