Happy Library Lover's Month!

Nicole Ortiz  //  Feb 9, 2018

Happy Library Lover's Month!

It should come as no surprise that Scholastic is filled with library lovers. The library is more than a place that houses books, it represents learning and discovery. And in a time of need, it offers an escape to wonderful places we've never been. 

Many of us remember going to the library as children. I know I definitely do. My fondest memory was actually not too many years ago, and it was from the first time I ever went to the New York Public Library. I grew up in North Jersey, so the libraries around me were nothing like this one. I was doing research for a high school paper and wanted to gather as much information as I could So I thought, why not try a new, and much larger library? The entire experience for me was incredible. I couldn't believe how much access to history I had. I asked for information on Elizabeth Barrett Browning, expecting to be offered maybe 10-12 books, but was completely maveled at how wrong I was. I spent 8 hours in the library that day.

I wanted to know what library memories other OOM'ers had. Here are a few they shared:


"I vividly remember my mom taking me to the public library to check out books—but the best part was once I was done reading the book of my choice, my mom would let me check-out a DVD to watch over the weekend. It felt like such a treat ;)"


"My hometown library is a beautiful, tiny building just steps away from the beach, and I have very fond memories of brushing the sand off my feet after a hot morning spent building sandcastles and then escaping into the cool, cozy children's room at the library. It was the perfect midday break from the sun!"


"The public library in my hometown is a beautiful, historic building constructed in 1807 – it was originally a school house and later a community center. Spending a few hours there is like stepping back in time. When I was in high school, my friends and I were working on a research project about the town’s founding, and our library had so many incredible, original resources including old newspaper articles and photographs that we were able to sift through. It was incredible to read about and see what life what like hundreds of years earlier in a building that was treasured by so many then and now." You can read about Stephanie's hometown library  in a post she wrote back when she was an intern at Scholastic! 


"I loved going to our town library with my friend, Dina. She read dozens of books a week (day?), and she knew everything! On the afternoon that she introduced me to the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder—with those wonderful illustrations by Garth Williams—we huddled with a bunch of friends in the Periodical Room. That was where we could talk without the librarian continually shushing us. As the late-day sun poured through the windows, we somehow got onto the topic of marriage. Dina told us what newlyweds actually did on their honeymoons. I was simultaneously horrified and fascinated. I still marvel at how much Dina knew at age 10. Reading definitely opened doors."


"My mom took me to the library ALL the time when I was little — it was my favorite place. One of my favorite and most vivid memories was the day I got my very own library card! I had to be able to write my full name, phone number, and address all by myself, so I practiced for days at home. I was so proud to have my own card to use and carry around. Now, getting a library card is one of the FIRST things I do when I move to a new place!"


What are some of your favorite memories of the library? We'd love to hear. Share them with us on Twitter by tweeting @Scholastic.