Gold medal books!

Morgan Baden  //  Feb 5, 2014

Gold medal books!

2014 is an Olympic year, and while lots of people are talking about who will win the gold, we're reading about it! Yesterday we launched our “Gold Medal Book List,” a special winter sports-themed list of books curated by Scholastic Reading Club. This Winter Games reading guide aims to help kids, parents and teachers discover new books and genres as they learn about the Winter Games games and favorite athletes. (Don't forget to check out yesterday's post, where Olympic athletes shared thoughts about the teachers that most influenced them!)

Here it is: a selection of titles from the Scholastic Gold Medal Book List!

*available as an eBook through Storia®

You can find the complete list of titles here!

All the books listed above are available through Scholastic Reading Club, Storia or bookstores nationwide. Of course, purchases through Scholastic Reading Club support your child’s school and classroom.

What will you be reading this Olympic season?